East vs West
Cultural Differences: Cultural Acceptance In East vs The West
East vs West
Cultural Differences: Cultural Dictators
East vs West
Cultural Differences: Eastern vs Western Reputations Abroad
East vs West
Cultural Differences: East vs. West Dating Culture
Teaching In China East vs West
East vs West
Chinese Street Performer Sydney

Cultural Differences: Chinese Travel Aspirations

In Australia, Sydney, on a night-time walk down the main business district, I noticed a Chinese couple, and a lone Chinese girl walking with them….

chinese new year beijing road red lanterns

Cultural Differences: The Cultural Vacuum Of The West

China Steeped In Tradition China is a country steeped in tradition. There are so many traditions and cultural practices that happen in this country all…

Kanzi Korean Coffee Shop Sydney

Cultural Differences: Cultural Acceptance In East vs The West

  In Australian, Sydney, I came into a Korean coffee shop called Kanzi to do some work. I found that I only had 3% power,…

Lone Girl On Chinese Road

Cultural Differences: Safety In China vs The West

Today, I had a conversation with a subscriber who added me on WeChat.  She travelled from Johannesburg, South Africa to Vietnam to teach English for…

Fashion Mall China Guangzhou

Cultural Differences: East vs West Social Calendars

In Sydney, Australia, on return by train from work, I alighted from the train only to see two Australian teenage girls dressed in fashionable Barbie…

Cultural Differences: Chinese and Australian Transit Systems

Cultural Differences: Chinese and Australian Metro System Differences In the past 24 hours I have used two transit systems from two countries, and one flight…

Starbucks Many Coffee Cups

Cultural Differences: Cash And Credit Cards Versus Cashless Societies

Imagine A World Without WeChat Pay Recently, on a return trip from China, Guangzhou to Sydney, Australia, I came into Oliver Brown to order a…

Box Office Cinema China Customer Service

Cultural Differences: The Culture Of Friendliness In Eastern And Western Hospitality

In a recent return trip from China, Guangzhou, back to Australia, Sydney, I was able to notice a stark cultural difference between eastern and western…

Cultural Differences: Australian versus Chinese Country Folk

The Chinese Migratory Phenomenon The Chinese Spring Festival is over.  Everyone from the countryside is streaming back into Guangzhou city to return to their jobs. …

comic book open

Cultural Differences: Crocodile Dundee in China

The Revelation Of The Laowai (老外) Stereotype I have had a bit of a revelation in my mind. Before, in previous travels overseas to China, I…


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