East vs West
Mad Chaos: January 30, 2020 - Separating Coronavirus Fact From Fiction
Mad Chaos: January 30, 2020 - Airline Enforce Wuhan Travel Bans
Mad Chaos: January 29, 2020 - Shopping In Crowded Chinese Wet Markets
Mad Chaos: January 28, 2020 - Carving Out A Coronavirus Escape Plan
Coronavirus In China East vs West
East vs West
China Travel Brochure

Cultural Differences: Common Scams To Avoid As An English Teacher In China

In China, where I have lived and worked as an English teacher for several years, I came to appreciate the many benefits to live in…

Skinny Asian Fashion

Cultural Differences: Obesity In Eastern vs Western Cultures

In Australia, I often come to Cuba Cubano in Macarthur Square to become seated in their wood-brown lounge chairs to work, as well as for…

raunchy leg under table

Cultural Differences: Dealing With Racism In Eastern And Western Societies

Chinese Racism Towards Foreigners Racism is an issue in China that seems to pervade all of society, and yet, Chinese people do not think they…

Cultural Differences: Chinese and Australian Transit Systems

Cultural Differences: Chinese and Australian Metro System Differences In the past 24 hours I have used two transit systems from two countries, and one flight…

Wu Mao 50 Cents

Cultural Differences: The Term Laowai (老外)

Being Labeled A Laowai (老外) When I was at dinner last night, I heard two Chinese girls on the table across from me casually looking in…

Telltale Filial Chinese Signs (孝顺)

China, Guangzhou | 中国广州市 Telltale Signs of a Filial Chinese (孝顺) In China, in my travels from Beijing, Sichuan, to Guangzhou, one common tradition universally…

Luna Park Entrance Gate

Cultural Differences: Dating Rituals Of Wealthy Easterners vs Westerners 

In Australia, Sydney, on a trip to Luna Park, my Chinese wife observed so many people enter Luna Park dressed in two-piece suits, elegant frocks,…

Map Of World In Chinese

Cultural Differences: The Costs Associated With Coming To China To Teach English (ESL)

The Story Of A Foreigner Who Comes To China To Teach English (ESL) In China, Guangzhou, while I boarded in Dengba hostel (登巴客栈), I befriended…

Pajamas In China Zhengzhou

Cultural Differences: Leveling Up To The Pajamas Level Of Convenience In China (秋裤水平)

The Chinese Habit Of Proximity To Convenience I think in this past week I have developed very Chinese habits. Everything that I do is within…

guangzhou red sign guangzhou tower

Cultural Differences: Asking For Directions In China

The Polish Interloper in Guangzhou In my travels in China, I encountered a Polish interloper who had traveled around the world.  I encountered him dwelling…


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