East vs West
Cultural Differences: Dating Rituals Of Wealthy Easterners vs Westerners 
East vs West
Cultural Differences: The Bride Price In East vs West Culture
East vs West
Cultural Differences: Education In Chinese And Western Societies
East vs West
Cultural Differences: Public Decency In China And The West
Teaching In China East vs West
East vs West
Sydney Harbor Opera House Crowd

Cultural Differences: Racial Segregation In Australian And Chinese Dating Culture

Education On Cultural Differences From A Cultural Scholar Fresh on my return from China, Guangzhou to Sydney, Australia  today, these are the times I am…

Chinese Female In Sydney

Cultural Differences: East vs. West Dating Culture

In Australia, Sydney, I used the WeChat People Nearby function to promote the Mad Chaos business.  One Chinese woman who accepted the invitation came onto…

yellow sunset in Australia

Cultural Differences: Live Like A King In Asia

In Australia, Sydney, on a job site today, I started to develop friendships with the lads. One forklift driver is head-to-toe old-school Aussie.  He looks…

Sydney Train Carriage Passengers

Cultural Differences: Yellow Fever In Australia

The Asian Girl On The Sydney Train Australians may not like to admit it, but deep down, we all have a case of yellow fever….

Sydney Harbor Bridge Empty Chairs

Cultural Differences: Business Infrastructure In East vs West Societies

In Australia, Sydney, on a return trip from China where I have lived on and off since 2013, I was struck by the cultural differences…

Cultural Differences: Sexualised Business Fashion In East vs West Cultures

Sexualized Fashion  On Australian Teenagers In Australia, Sydney, I picked up a few fashion pointers that highlighted more differences between Eastern and Western fashion culture….

Kanzi Korean Coffee Shop Sydney

Cultural Differences: Cultural Acceptance In East vs The West

  In Australian, Sydney, I came into a Korean coffee shop called Kanzi to do some work. I found that I only had 3% power,…

restaurant food sushi-like eggplant

Cultural Differences: Hospitality Culture In China vs Australia

Cultural Differences: Restaurant Culture In China vs Australia In China, Guangzhou, Shayuan (沙园) having a midnight snack (宵夜), I ordered eggplant diced into sushi-like rolls. …

Luna Park Entrance Gate

Cultural Differences: Dating Rituals Of Wealthy Easterners vs Westerners 

In Australia, Sydney, on a trip to Luna Park, my Chinese wife observed so many people enter Luna Park dressed in two-piece suits, elegant frocks,…

Foreigner Suitcase In Sydney

Cultural Differences: Overcoming A Language Barrier

In Australia, Sydney on one of the trains home I saw two Chinese girls.  They were very obviously from overseas, and had only been here…


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