East vs West
Mad Chaos: January 30, 2020 - Separating Coronavirus Fact From Fiction
Mad Chaos: January 30, 2020 - Airline Enforce Wuhan Travel Bans
Mad Chaos: January 29, 2020 - Shopping In Crowded Chinese Wet Markets
Mad Chaos: January 28, 2020 - Carving Out A Coronavirus Escape Plan
Coronavirus In China East vs West
East vs West
Chinese Female In Sydney

Cultural Differences: East vs. West Dating Culture

In Australia, Sydney, I used the WeChat People Nearby function to promote the Mad Chaos business.  One Chinese woman who accepted the invitation came onto…

short shorts fashion

Cultural Differences In Eastern and Western Fashion Trends

Cultural Comparisons of Short Skirts There is no comparison between any Asian girls in mainland China compared to the Asian Australians.  You just can’t compare….

Sydney Harbor Opera House Crowd

Cultural Differences: Racial Segregation In Australian And Chinese Dating Culture

Education On Cultural Differences From A Cultural Scholar Fresh on my return from China, Guangzhou to Sydney, Australia  today, these are the times I am…

woman statue playing instrument

Cultural Differences: Married To Your Job In Australia (铁饭碗)

I have returned on an airplane back from my life in China to Australia, where I intend to relax for two weeks, enjoy the sunshine,…

coffee in starbucks

Cultural Differences: Western and Chinese Coffee Shop Culture

A Good Starbucks Day No one good day can go by in China without having a Starbucks day with two coffees throughout the day.  That…

unsafe walk balcony police china

Cultural Differences: Work Cover In Australia versus China

Work Cover In Australia versus China One time, In China, Guangzhou, when my girlfriend showed me a work injury she had sustained hours earlier, it…

sydney home blue skies sunshine

Cultural Differences: The Culture Shocks Coming To Australia

All The Australian Culture Shocks In One Day Culture shock is experienced when a person who enters into a new country is confronted by things…

shirt break the rules

Cultural Differences: Western Directness (直接) verses Chinese Ambiguity (暧昧)

Western Directness (直接) verses Chinese Ambiguity (暧昧) in Communication From a viewpoint as a Westerner who has traveled between both China and Australia over the…

china street vendors

Cultural Differences: Doing Business In China vs Australia

Opening Shop In China vs Australia In China, Guangzhou, while conducting a regular English class with Chinese students, the topic of Chinese and Western business…

chinese new year beijing road red lanterns

Cultural Differences: The Cultural Vacuum Of The West

China Steeped In Tradition China is a country steeped in tradition. There are so many traditions and cultural practices that happen in this country all…


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