Sydney Harbor Opera House Crowd

Cultural Differences: Racial Segregation In Australian And Chinese Dating Culture

Education On Cultural Differences From A Cultural Scholar Fresh on my return from China, Guangzhou to Sydney, Australia  today, these ...
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Teaching English In China Whiteboard Chinese Students

Teaching In China: Teaching One-On-One IELTS English In China – Basketball Student

Teaching One-On-One IELTS English In China – Basketball Student In China, Guangzhou, working as an Australian English teacher, on May ...
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Guangzhou tire shop tires

Cultural Differences: Ingredients For Business Success In China / Australia

Ingredients For Business Success In China In China, Guangzhou, jogging along the Pearl river, I came across a group of ...
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restaurant food sushi-like eggplant

Cultural Differences: Hospitality Culture In China vs Australia

Cultural Differences: Restaurant Culture In China vs Australia In China, Guangzhou, Shayuan (沙园) having a midnight snack (宵夜), I ordered ...
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World International English Office Exterior China

How To Teach English As A Second Language In China  (ESL)

How To Teach English As A Second Language In China  (ESL) In China, Guangzhou, on May 16, 2018, I prepared ...
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study books and starbucks coffee

How To Be Fluent In Chinese Mandarin In Two Years

Advice On Learning Chinese Mandarin My Chinese Language Journey In China, Guangzhou, English students will often ask me in English ...
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Guangzhou One Day Love Cartoon

How To Teach English As A Second Language In China (ESL) – The Mosquito Class

China, Guangzhou, Tiyixi Lu (体育西路) | World International English Classes In China, Guangzhou, I left home at 6:50 pm, caught a ...
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English Class Chinese Students Guangzhou China

Teaching In China: English As A Second Language (ESL) – All-Female Class

The English Class In China, Guangzhou, as an Australian English teacher, I had two English classes in World International English ...
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bike tasseled skirt china

Cultural Differences: Australian / Chinese Fashion Culture

Australian Fashion Culture As I am sitting here in Sydney, Australia, looking at all the girls passing outside the coffee ...
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female hands dealing cards

Cultural Differences: Successful Women In Australia / China

Successful Women In Australia In Sydney, Australia, on a drive with a friend, as we stopped at a set of ...
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Cultural Differences: Pollution In China And The West

Cultural Differences: Sunshine versus Pollution In a brief stopover in Australia, a consultation with a local Beijing-born GP turned to ...
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woman statue playing instrument

Cultural Differences: Married To Your Job In Australia (铁饭碗)

I have returned on an airplane back from my life in China to Australia, where I intend to relax for ...
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sydney home blue skies sunshine

Cultural Differences: The Culture Shocks Coming To Australia

All The Australian Culture Shocks In One Day Culture shock is experienced when a person who enters into a new ...
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Cultural Differences: Chinese and Australian Transit Systems

Cultural Differences: Chinese and Australian Metro System Differences In the past 24 hours I have used two transit systems from ...
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metal trinkets brave

Cultural Differences: The China-America Trade War

The China-America Trade War In a noodle restaurant in Guangzhou, Shayuan (沙园) a waitress placed two bowls of noodles in ...
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china street vendors

Cultural Differences: Doing Business In China vs Australia

Opening Shop In China vs Australia In China, Guangzhou, while conducting a regular English class with Chinese students, the topic ...
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guangzhou bridge hold hands female

Cultural Differences: Dating In China

Chinese Conservatism In Dating From personal experience, as an approachable foreigner in mainland China over the years, who has talked ...
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black stockings legs coke

Cultural Differences: Chinese versus Western Fashion Trends

The "Camp" Factor In Chinese Fashion On the metro in China, I noticed for the umpteenth time a key cultural ...
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unsafe walk balcony police china

Cultural Differences: Work Cover In Australia versus China

Work Cover In Australia versus China One time, In China, Guangzhou, when my girlfriend showed me a work injury she ...
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fashion white shorts pink top female

Cultural Differences: Identity Fashion In China

Chinese Fashion Revolution In China, Guangzhou, while in the metro with a friend who shares my passion for cosplay, in ...
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Michael Page Interview Paperwork

Cultural Differences: Travelers Working In China vs The West

A Comparison Of Requirements For Legal Work Rights In China And Australia China is a great country for Westerners who ...
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chinese flag blurry background

Cultural Differences: The Rise Of A Chinese Dictator

The Rise Of Dictator Xi In the diner the other day, the subject of Xi Jinping arose. With the announcement ...
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raunchy leg under table

Cultural Differences: Dealing With Racism In Eastern And Western Societies

Chinese Racism Towards Foreigners Racism is an issue in China that seems to pervade all of society, and yet, Chinese ...
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china chengdu nightclub drinks

Cultural Differences: Eastern And Western Nightclubs

The Future Of Nightclubs When I was showing photos of myself in Australia to the hostel staff in China, I ...
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Cultural Differences: Australian versus Chinese Country Folk

The Chinese Migratory Phenomenon The Chinese Spring Festival is over.  Everyone from the countryside is streaming back into Guangzhou city ...
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chinese new year beijing road red lanterns

Cultural Differences: The Cultural Vacuum Of The West

China Steeped In Tradition China is a country steeped in tradition. There are so many traditions and cultural practices that ...
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China Inside Hotel Window Looking Out

Advice To Travelers In China: Hostels, Hotels, or Apartments

Traveling China in Hostels, Hotels, or Apartments Over the years, I have lived in every imaginable way in China. When ...
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airplane flight clouds

Cultural Differences: Eastern And Western Travel Culture

Australia: A Land Of Travelers In Australia, travel is considered a rite of passage, and almost a human right. As ...
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Map Of World In Chinese

Cultural Differences: The Costs Associated With Coming To China To Teach English (ESL)

The Story Of A Foreigner Who Comes To China To Teach English (ESL) In China, Guangzhou, while I boarded in ...
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popper drink and straw

Cultural Differences: Drinking With Straws

The Cultural Proclivity Of Drinking With Straws Recently, I had an interesting conversation about drinking straws.  As a cultural scholar ...
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Dengba Inn Guangzhou

Cultural Differences: Cross-Cultural Friendships In Conservative China

The Phenomenon Of Chinese Secularism In Cross-Cultural Friendships Chinese people who travel overseas and cross paths with me in Australia, ...
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study class lesson book new words

Teaching In China: Tutoring Conversational English To Kid In Guangzhou (家教)

Tutoring English in China (家教) Class Start (上课) China, Guangzhou, Taojin (淘金) | Private Tutoring (家教) Today I came to ...
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street china circular sewer cover

Cultural Differences: The Red Line Personality

The Red Line is a new series of conversations between myself and Chinese people. The Red Line Personality Tonight on ...
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Jinan University Guangzhou Statues

Cultural Differences: Chinese Tunnel Vision versus Western Enterprise Study Practices

Chinese and Western Study Methods The Sophomore Experience The back story goes; I met 12 Chinese girls all in their ...
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jazz bar guangzhou china

Cultural Differences: How China And The West Appropriate Foreign Fashion

Common Chinese Misconceptions Of A Foreigner's National Fashion In China, Guangzhou, in a fancy Western jazz bar, where the patrons ...
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chinese medication green glass capsules

Cultural Differences: Eastern And Western Attitudes To Health Care

Being Sick With Influenza In China In China, Guangzhou, I became ill for five weeks with influenza. The cold Guangzhou ...
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Pajamas In China Zhengzhou

Cultural Differences: Leveling Up To The Pajamas Level Of Convenience In China (秋裤水平)

The Chinese Habit Of Proximity To Convenience I think in this past week I have developed very Chinese habits. Everything ...
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Australian Flag Blue Skies

Cultural Differences: Where Are The Blue Skies

The West Stole The Blue Skies Sometimes when I walk through China on polluted days like this, I remember in ...
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guangzhou red sign guangzhou tower

Cultural Differences: Asking For Directions In China

The Polish Interloper in Guangzhou In my travels in China, I encountered a Polish interloper who had traveled around the ...
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textbook tutoring notes china

Teaching In China: English Tutoring to Chinese Kid in Guangzhou (家教)

Tutoring English in China (家教) Class Start (上课) I arrived to the boy's parents apartment complex in Taojin (淘金) at ...
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comic book open

Cultural Differences: Crocodile Dundee in China

The Revelation Of The Laowai (老外) Stereotype I have had a bit of a revelation in my mind. Before, in previous ...
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shirt break the rules

Cultural Differences: Western Directness (直接) verses Chinese Ambiguity (暧昧)

Western Directness (直接) verses Chinese Ambiguity (暧昧) in Communication From a viewpoint as a Westerner who has traveled between both ...
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office interview table white

World International English Teacher Job Interview – China, Guangzhou

English Teaching Job In China, Guangzhou In China, a job interview and induction is unlike professional job interviews in The ...
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metro hands crowded train

Cultural Differences: Groping Culture On The Chinese Metro System

Being Subjected To An Incident Of Groping Today on the Guangzhou metro, I boarded a carriage packed to 80% capacity ...
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metro hands crowded train


遭遇咸猪手 今天在广州地铁上,我登上了一节客满量达80%的车厢。我进了地铁门之后就一直往前挤,一直走挤到了车厢的中间。 ...
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two cups and two cats

Cultural Differences: Trying to Rationalize The Problem China

In China, there is no one topic I have written about which I have not personally experienced a thousand times.  ...
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two cups and two cats


在中国,我所写下的任何一个话题都是我亲身经历无数次的。这些明断的见解都来自于经验。 ...
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airplane flight blue skies

Cultural Differences: Chinese v Australian State Welfare

Australian Welfare Explained In China In China, Guangzhou, around a dinner in Buddha World (佛世界饭馆) with my girlfriend, the topic ...
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文化差异:中澳贫富差异 我刚从万胜围的一个公寓大楼走出来,看到一个粉红色宝马,心想,这一定是哪个有钱女孩的车。 在中国,关于车有一点很有趣,就是没人知道你开什么车。 ...
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Guangzhou Beijing Road

Cultural Differences: Dressing Like Stereotypical Westerners

Mixed Couples' Fashion Stereotypes of Westerners Beijing road in Guangzhou is crowded with people today.  The scene is very People ...
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