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Cultural Differences – Young Security Forces in China

The more I stay in China, the more I think,

“These guys don’t really know too much.”

When you Chinese security guards and police patrolling with guns, they are just little kids.  They are 25-year-old kids that are getting 1,000 RMB extra to do that job.  They don’t know about the world.  They don’t know anything.  They are just very amateur people working in amateur jobs.

I am thinking, the police officers in Australia or even America are class acts, and then I witness the kid police officers here asking for your Chinese ID (身份证).  They irritate the public because it is a policed state.

The kids who make up the security forces in China are probably still afraid to approach foreigners and touch them because they fear,

“I don’t know what a foreign boy is like, so I had better not try to kill this guy.”

It’s based on the ignorance of having never encountered us.

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