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Cultural Differences: Dating Rituals Of Wealthy Easterners vs Westerners 

In Australia, Sydney, on a trip to Luna Park, my Chinese wife observed so many people enter Luna Park dressed in two-piece suits, elegant frocks, and high-end fashion.

She asked, “Why are people wearing that?  It is just Luna Park.”

I replied, “Because some people might come to Luna Park from a night out at the Opera House, or they could come to Luna Park on a date.”

I continued, “In Luna Park, everything is expensive.  Luna Park parking is more expensive, and the Luna Park rides are very expensive.  It is more expensive compared to the cinemas, where you just have to pay $22 AUD to take your date out for a nice night.”

“If an Australian man takes his date to Luna Park, it means the man is well-off.  He has to pay more money compared to a date at the cinemas or a fancy restaurant, because the price in Luna Park depends on the whims of the girl.  She may want to go on every ride, and try to win every prize.”

She chuckled, “Is that why!”

I said, “Yes.  One ride costs around twenty dollars.  If you don’t have that money…”

My wife filled in the blanks to conclude, “That means they are poor.”

In China, the only comparable way to show your wealth would be to hold a birthday party for your girlfriend and invite all her friends to dinner and karaoke, and you pay the bill.  Or, you could take her to a games room and try all day to win her a fluffy toy from the toy machines.

Showing Your Wealth In Australia

As we exited Luna Park, and climbed up steep Paul street, my wife looked up the road to see a very tall, very skinny, sophisticated Korean woman with slim, chiselled cheeks.

Beside the slender Korean woman was a man dressed in a black two-piece suit.  The Australian couple wore very fashionable clothes.

My Chinese wife said, “When two people date in Australia, do they really have to wear such sophisticated clothes?”

I remarked, “People do wear this kind of high-end fashion, but only when they go to big events.”

The people in Australia who wear stylish brand-name fashion would deem a date at the cinemas to be fairly common.

The way that affluent Australians differentiate themselves from everyone else in Australia is to groom well, be articulate, and to wear fashionable, high-end clothes.

They are the kind of affluent people who live in rich, affluent suburban areas.

She explained that in China, you seldom see high-end fashion clothes worn by Chinese people.


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