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Cultural Differences: The Chinese Millionaire Factory

In Australia, Sydney, on a train home, I was seated next to a Filipino woman on a three-seater bench.

I thought, “That is a big cultural difference.”

In China, everyone is standing up.  You don’t get to be as civilized as you do in Australia, to sit down on the same bench as other people, with the opportunity to say hello.

Australia is very civilized to be able to give you chairs to sit down on, on your way home.

But while I observed more people seated around me on the train, all looking at their mobile phones, I reflected on Chinese society, and became frustrated with Australia.

An Easy Life In Australia

I thought, “Australian society is so boring.  All these people are sitting down. They are not even looking around on the train.  They are just focused on their business in the mobile phone.  No one is doing anything.”

I have come to the same conclusion for years, how China is a bustling country, and Australia is a place for old people to retire.  Australian people are just content with their lives. That is the conclusion I always come to.

If you are born in Australia and you continue to live in Australia and never question Australia, you just become this little lemming.  Australians don’t really know anything about anything.

They have been sheltered for their whole life in Australia, and have been given money from Centrelink.  The hardest thing they have probably ever had to do is go to study for a traineeship, and then the rest of their life becomes so easy.

That is how I look at people in Australia.

A Hard Life In China

In Australia, there is no hardship like there is in China, where Chinese have so much pressure to go to school, are pressured so hard to get good grades, and then Chinese must always compete against everybody else. When a Chinese person finally secures a job, they have to work overtime every single day.  On top of all this, a Chinese person’s whole life is stressful.

In Australia, there is none of that.  These Australian people have no idea how hard it is to live in third-world countries.

That is what gets me.

Going Somewhere, Achieving Nothing

On the train home I am thinking, “What is there to do in life?”

There are spiritual people, and then there are people in Australia that think the best thing they can achieve in life is to get a job, come back home on the train, look at their mobile phone, talk to people, and that is the biggest achievement in their life.

Maybe you will find a girlfriend or boyfriend, get married, and then be happy in your marriage.  That is also a good achievement.

To have kids is also a good achievement.

But, when I look at these lemmings in Australia, I think, “You guys are not achieving anything.”

The Chinese Millionaire Factory

…“Businesses and entrepreneurs are created out of the melting pot called China.  There is so much competition over in China that people like my close Chinese friends think, “I hate being poor.  Fuck it!  I am going to start my own business.”

That is how it happens, the Chinese millionaire factory.  It happens out of frustration.  You get millionaires in China because Chinese people are so frustrated with their life.

I know more friends in low-paid slave-labor jobs in China than I have fingers and toes.

Chinese business adopts Centrelink-style salaries, arguing, “How can we undercut these migrant village workers?  We can provide accommodation in the back room of our factory for free, give them free meals in the workplace, make them work six days a week with Sunday overtime, and maybe a stipend of a few hundred dollars a month to please their families back in the village.”

If Australians believe Centrelink does not give people a basic salary for cost-of-living, imagine that is how business employment in China runs, like Centrelink, full of benefits yet with insufficient allowance to cover daily-living costs.

Australia, A Cushioned Society

The conditions in Australia on the other hand would seem like heaven to Chinese.

Australian people do not get frustrated with their life.  There are too many opportunities for good jobs.  If you don’t have a job, you can go onto online platforms, or get money from the government.

There is no incentive for you to struggle in Australia.

There is no challenge.

It is just an easy life.

And that is why people in Australia gradually get fat, because you work, you have your one-hour lunch, and you eat as much food as you want with your friends because you get paid a lot of money from work.

Then you come back home, and you eat some more.

You live this sheltered, lemming life.

Australians never have to wake up in the morning fed up with their lives, because Australia always provides a safety net.  If you are broke, Centrelink is there to rescue you.  If you cannot find work, the government will provide loan assistance to allow you to study burden free.

This lack of hardship in Australia prevents risk-taking business ventures and entrepreneur-ism.  Instead, it creates a culture of a cushioned society, to which Australians become like dough boys; you put your finger in their stomach and they go, “ooh” and they will panic and run away.


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