Education On Cultural Differences From A Cultural Scholar Fresh on my return from China, Guangzhou to Sydney, Australia  today, these are the times I am most attuned to the cultural differences between both countries. I can be doing one thing one way in China, and then ten hours later, be doing the same thing completely […]

Teaching One-On-One IELTS English In China – Basketball Student In China, Guangzhou, working as an Australian English teacher, on May 30, 2018, I prepared for my teaching job, to teach English as a second language (ESL) in World International English located in Tiyixi Lu (体育西路). The time was 5:40 pm when I finished my coffee […]

Ingredients For Business Success In China In China, Guangzhou, jogging along the Pearl river, I came across a group of midnight fishermen casting fishing lines into the Pearl river. One middle-aged man, had his stained shirt pulled up revealing his visible round belly, which while he lay on his back on the wall between Pearl […]

Cultural Differences: Restaurant Culture In China vs Australia In China, Guangzhou, Shayuan (沙园) having a midnight snack (宵夜), I ordered eggplant diced into sushi-like rolls.  Using Chinese, I made sure to have the chef confirm the eggplant was a vegetarian meal (素材) with no meat, egg, or seafood products included.  The waiter confirmed with the […]

Advice On Learning Chinese Mandarin My Chinese Language Journey In China, Guangzhou, English students will often ask me in English class, “Can you speak Chinese?”  My response, “当然可以说中文” is usually met with awe and disbelief. I break into Chinese to explain, “我在澳大利亚一年半自学汉语,然后去中国暨南大学两个学期读汉语。 我现在流利讲中文.  In Australia I self-taught myself for a year and a half.  Then […]

China, Guangzhou, Tiyixi Lu (体育西路) | World International English Classes In China, Guangzhou, I left home at 6:50 pm, caught a train from Shayuan metro station(沙园站), ate some food on the way, and now 40 minutes later at 7:30 pm I arrived to Tiyuxi Lu (体育西路站). It is still raining, but not as badly. I have […]

The English Class In China, Guangzhou, as an Australian English teacher, I had two English classes in World International English today to teach. The first English classes commenced from 7 pm.  I walked into the small classroom, feeling blessed to see three female Chinese students in my first English class today. In a flat voice, […]