Cultural Differences: Sunshine versus Pollution In a brief stopover in Australia, a consultation with a local Beijing-born GP turned to discuss the weather in China. Not wanting to touch on a sensitive topic, I remarked, “Chinese weather is overcast all the time.” He was quick to respond, “It is not overcast.  That is pollution!” I […]

Cultural Differences: Chinese and Australian Metro System Differences In the past 24 hours I have used two transit systems from two countries, and one flight service between China and Australia. Having used the Guangzhou metro system to arrive to Baiyun airport only ten hours prior, now being a commuter on the Sydney train system, I […]

Opening Shop In China vs Australia In China, Guangzhou, while conducting a regular English class with Chinese students, the topic of Chinese and Western business culture arose. One student asked, “What is business like in Australia?  Is it similar to China?” The Barest Business Model In China I began to explain, “One big difference between […]

The “Camp” Factor In Chinese Fashion On the metro in China, I noticed for the umpteenth time a key cultural difference between Chinese fashion and Western fashion. I call it the “camp” factor. Most Chinese people wear clothes that in Western society are considered camp, and will never be stacked on retail shelves. For example, […]