In a recent return trip from China, Guangzhou, back to Australia, Sydney, I was able to notice a stark cultural difference between eastern and western hospitality. In Sydney, I was confronted on several occasions with western hospitality.  On one such occasion, when I came to the local supermarket to buy groceries, I was reminded once […]

Education On Cultural Differences From A Cultural Scholar Fresh on my return from China, Guangzhou to Sydney, Australia  today, these are the times I am most attuned to the cultural differences between both countries. I can be doing one thing one way in China, and then ten hours later, be doing the same thing completely […]

The Chinese Competitive Mentality On a recent flight from China to Australia, I was able to observe a unique demographic of Chinese people who come from mostly affluent walks of life in Chinese society, boarding an airplane destined to transform themselves into overseas Chinese  (华人), immigrant-class Australians, or Australian citizens ten hours later on arrival […]

Ingredients For Business Success In China In China, Guangzhou, jogging along the Pearl river, I came across a group of midnight fishermen casting fishing lines into the Pearl river. One middle-aged man, had his stained shirt pulled up revealing his visible round belly, which while he lay on his back on the wall between Pearl […]

What Is Australian, And What Is An Australian-Born Chinese (ABC)? In China, Guangzhou, on a stopover in Dengba Youth Hostel (登巴客栈) near Beijing road, I came to make friends with Max, a Chinese girl working as reception behind the counter. Max was born in Maoming (茂名), her Chinese ID (身份证) states she is from Guangzhou, […]

Cultural Differences: Restaurant Culture In China vs Australia In China, Guangzhou, Shayuan (沙园) having a midnight snack (宵夜), I ordered eggplant diced into sushi-like rolls.  Using Chinese, I made sure to have the chef confirm the eggplant was a vegetarian meal (素材) with no meat, egg, or seafood products included.  The waiter confirmed with the […]

Cultural Differences: Sunshine versus Pollution In a brief stopover in Australia, a consultation with a local Beijing-born GP turned to discuss the weather in China. Not wanting to touch on a sensitive topic, I remarked, “Chinese weather is overcast all the time.” He was quick to respond, “It is not overcast.  That is pollution!” I […]