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Cultural Differences: The Rise Of A Chinese Dictator

The Rise Of Dictator Xi

In the diner the other day, the subject of Xi Jinping arose.

With the announcement that China will scrap the presidential term limit, I said, “I have started to believe that from this day forward, all the Chinese people are going to go further and further backwards in their lives.  Because Xi Jinping is going to take the whole country backwards.”

“The only people that are going to have had experience with the outside world, are people like you, from this generation.  Then, when you get older, it is only going to be the parents who remember what The West was like.”

“Because every generation under Xi Jinping as a dictator from now on, is going to have more and more of their freedoms and rights taken away.  People will become poorer.  It will become much harder to travel overseas.  Less Westerners will come to China under a dictatorship.”

I joked, “We had better get married soon, and help you escape over to Australia.”

The Current Social Controls In China

In the current situation in China, when looked in the perspective of growing repression, there are many security measures at metro stations, which includes baggage security, security personnel with hand scanners, and security guards on the actual metros themselves.

As a Chinese person, the conditions to allow overseas travel are already very stringent.

The local Chinese news already reports negative news stories about the rest of the world, and only positive stories about China and Xi Jinping.

There is also a massive problem with rights in general, but in particular, the people of China lack work rights, and are often exploited by companies and industries to do around-the-clock, endless work with unfavorable conditions and for little pay.

The Dictatorship In Full Swing

I have lived in China for years, and have watched the security and political landscape change over the years, and the repressive measures, one by one, roll in.

When Xi becomes a dictator, more more social controls and repressions will be put in place, so that the generations from now into the next ten years are going to be born not knowing anything about The West, except for what their parents remember.

So, this is a watershed moment in modern Chinese history.

The rise of a Chinese dictatorship under Xi is going to create a more backwards society which will tremendously regress.

Comparing China To North Korea

It would be fully logical now to make the comparison that China as a dictatorship will become more like North Korea.

It made me think, if a common Chinese member of the public was greeted by Xi Jinping on one of his tours around China, would he be able to speak his mind if Xi Jinping asked, “What do you love most about China?”

In private the Chinese person probably detests the government, but to say, “You do not represent me as a Chinese person,” will probably have the Chinese person locked up in jail.

If a British person bad-mouthed the Queen in public, the police will probably deal with his actions as a misdemeanor.

If an Australian member of the public bad-mouthed the Prime Minister, the politician would laugh the gesture off, because the government is there to serve all members of the public.  Even if the member disagrees with your side of politics, you will still be respected.

In China I am afraid you would be treated harshly for any criticism directed at the government.

Given time, repressing the freedom of speech is what will get worse in China.  Given time, we will be comparing Chinese repression to North Korean.

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