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Diary Of A Mad Chaos: Saturday, May 22, 2004

Penning A Letter To Lyssa

The factory of industrial work in my memoirs seeks overtime, as more and more content is written.  I started to write an accompanying letter to Lyssa around 9:20 pm with only a small break to have a smoke.

Some of my best lines, as we know, are concocted in the backyard with a smoke in hand.  This break produced a brainstorm line to kick-start the letter.

I started the letter at 9:20 pm and finished it at 11:00 pm.  While it was only three paragraphs and a tad over 450 words, the phraseology took a while.

I fudged some facts and misled Lyssa a bit to big-note myself to say that publishers were interested in my work, but this only makes me determined to investigate publishers now that it has been proclaimed to Lyssa.

The claim may be a true statement in a couple of weeks when she receives the printed Mad Chaos book and its accompanying letter.

I may use the era in the Tatton household as my intellectual content to sell to publishers, which will have a twofold effect if I decide to hand its contentious material to the people I lived with, as well as to publishers.

Dieting On Guarana Drinks

I have been inspired to have no solid meal today, partly because I was too engaged (like usual when I wake up) to think of food, and partly because this diet of drinks with guarana extract and cordial with my dose of pills seems to work.

I have chewed normal gum and nicotine gum all through the day as well, which may give me an ulcer if it becomes habitual.

After another small break I created a document at 11:20 pm to do with all the resolutions I have claimed I want to accomplish by the end of the year.  This document will be tantamount to a notice on a fridge door, which acts as a daily reminder.

Creating The Ten Commandments Resolutions

I will now know and document clearly my resolutions in one place and I will print them and display them in my room when I purchase a printer, which is one resolution under the banner of commodities.

I have fifteen resolutions all accounted for and five of them have already been fulfilled.

  1. I purchased a racer.
  2. I visited the beach a couple of times, which was a small resolution.
  3. I enrolled in a course to analyze my behavior. Even while I never completed the course and dropped out, its experiment proved to me the limitations of my mental condition.
  4. I moved out of the family house for the experience and to test my schizophrenia and that resolution (although short-lived) was fulfilled with a chance to return.
  5. I also produced and printed a Mad Chaos bound book of all my toil, which made me happy and vindicated for all the unobserved work that I do here.

I have ten resolutions still to accomplish.

  1. I am resolved to give up my smoking habit or reduce it within months.
  2. I plan to evolve from brush techniques and spontaneous approaches to actual successes to where I pick up women, like I did yesterday.
  3. The second resolution of course coincides with my resolution to find and court a female and to hold a relationship.
  4. I am resolved to fully repay my credit card by the end of the year or sooner.
  5. I am resolved to purchase exercise apparatuses for a backyard gym, which includes a bench press, bars, and abdominal roller, a trainer for my bike and weight plates.
  6. I also plan to purchase a printer and a computer desk and chair when the call for commodities replaces my priority to repay debt and. I will maybe even purchase a queen-sized bed.
  7. I am on a mission to become eligible for disability support pension, which I will reapply for later in the year if I am declined.
  8. I am resolved to completely revise anywhere from six to eleven months of the Prehistory era (pre 1996) by the end of the year.
  9. I aim to weigh 70 kilos by the end of the year as well, which is a hard task because I need to lose sixteen or more kilos.
  10. I have a resolution with schizophrenia where I want to regain control of my mental illness and remove the irrational fears with the help of medication.

I am not resolved to forego medication completely this year but perhaps I may incorporate it if I find a girlfriend and these psychological insecurities disappear.

I also now plan to revise the era in the Jasper household as a template to distribute it to viable publishers and members of the house.

So those are my final ten commandments, which with discipline and optimism, can be resolved.

Weight Loss Techniques

I now weigh 85.3 kilos thanks to this liquid diet of drinks with guarana extract in them, sips of cordial (as opposed to one or two liters a day) and starvation.

I lost half a kilo in this sedentary position behind this computer either because my metabolism kicked in or because the calories have slowly burned away and aired out via perspiration or exhalation.

I will have my small meal of protein-rich tuna now at 2:00 am and weigh myself in virtual time to see how much I gained by the consumption of food, which is possibly only two hundred grams.

I will pick back up my metabolism if I eat because the digestion of food forces one to burn more calories in the process, which picks up one’s metabolism.

Experimenting With Food Consumption

I now weigh 86.2 kilos after a small two hundred gram portion of tuna, a couple of small gherkins and a couple of glasses of cordial.  I almost gained a whole kilo but the cordial and its fluid retention was the main problem.

I just did an experiment on my new bathroom scales where I measured two liters of water.  With the container added, two liters of water weighs 2.2 kilos.  Since I drink around one liter of fluid a day, I retain a kilo of fluid in my system.

I could urinate or have a smoke out in the backyard to precipitate diarrhea and probably lose half a kilo meanwhile with either of these two processes, .  So the motto is that weight fluctuates.  The best time to be measured on the scales is when one wakes up and all the calories one burns in one’s sleep have evaporated from one’s body and breath.

I can finally see now what the main precursors to weight gain are, but you need at least six glasses of water a day.

I am happy that I am able to do a comprehensive analysis like this however because of the electronic bathroom scales purchased two days back.  I have a more efficient system to manage my weight condition now because the tool is available at my leisure.

Planning A 60 Km Bike Ride

I have decided I will have a banana tomorrow and then go for a massive bike ride on the motorway five for a 60-kilometer race to the tollgates and back home.

I will measure myself on the scales as soon as I wake up, have a banana and cordial and then weigh myself again.  Then when I come home I will take a final measurement to see how much calories I lost in the 60-kilometer ride.  That will allow me even more intricate analysis into how much calories I really lose on an average bike ride.

I am still in shape and I will wear my helmet for the occasion and dress up the racer with its possessions.

The Convenience Of Bathroom Scales

I feel happy now that I will no longer be disillusioned like I used to be when I would front up to the gym and use their scales.  I used to balloon up and down on their scales.  It was a fickle business.  Now I know that there could have been many factors which contributed to the fluctuation.

I could have had breakfast and a liter of cordial before I left for a walk or ride to the gym, and this would have deceived me on the scales when I measured myself.  Maybe on the better days I missed breakfast and even a drink and walked or raced starved down to the gym to jump on the scales and find I shed kilos.

I Used To Be Naïve

I used to be naïve back then because I never had a convenient system.  I used to be naïve on my old computer before I upgraded to a real computer with a flash word processor, and my literature blossomed.  I used to be naïve about my mental condition until I started to pool my resources, and that knowledge has helped me control this illness.

I used to be naïve in these memoirs until I built systems and networked all my files to make it easier to define the bigger picture.  I did this as well with my revisions, where I would proofread the whole document and chronicle its day’s events in an easily-read chronology.  This network of resources allowed me to better incorporate the facts into my revisions, where before I used to write blind.

I think the lesson here is that you need the proper infrastructure and a base of operations easily accessible, and you need all the facts present before you can make informed analysis.  This is what the electronic bathroom scales and my small experiments have done for me.

All the facts present will help me tomorrow as well when I go on my bike ride and weigh myself afterwards too.

I may as well sleep now at 3:10 am to prepare for tomorrow, where I hope to smoke less and shed a kilo as well.

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