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Mad Chaos: Thursday, June 20, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Hearing Girl’s Compliments

Well, indeed this is a promising month for me.  I haven’t been like this for a girl for a while, Actually since Kathryn.

My ears are aching pretty bad right now but my cold and all that is as good as gone.

I found out that when I got onto Natasha and she came out and I came out, she told the girls that I was “Good”.  I take that as a compliment because I turned on Kathryn very, very much.  I take my moves are pretty good then but I am too modest to brag about myself.

Kentlyn With The Group

Tonight we went out to Kentlyn.  At the start it was a lot of people, but near the end it died off to Rory, Palmer, Aubree, Janice, Celeste Astor, Natasha, Tarina and me.  Rory, Palmer, Aubree and Janice left, and I liked the opportunity I was getting to get to know Tarina better.

Getting To Know Tarina

I was talking to Tarina for about an hour or more alone in Aubree’s car and then in Astor’s car.  She was giving hints to me, like, she would tell me she had a lot of projects to do and could I go over and help her, sly.  I couldn’t come up with that.  Well I could but she made it sound more convincing.

Tarina said she wants to come to the gym and train with me and work on her butt, legs, and she wants to get good abdominals.  She sounds like she really wants to go and do it.  We kind of arranged to go together and start working together on Monday but I don’t know what will happen.  I know she is interested in me and I am interested also in her, lots.

Tonight as I was sitting next to her, I glanced at her, watched her, and thought to myself what it would be like if we were together.  I only saw promising things.  I never see hate between us and I imagine us just doing simple things together, like listening to music and going to the gym together, dancing together, being together… together.  I think of playing to her music from my heart and reading her literature and her lying beside me laughing and loving.

We stayed out talking and sitting around the fire until just before eleven and then we went and dropped everyone off, as well as me at Pizza Hut.  When there I picked up my bike and rode it home in the frosty weather.

Looking Ahead

Yes this month was so far a good month.  There are still 10 more days in this month.

I feel like going to the gym tomorrow and working the back.  I might just do that.  I might even go and do my shoulders and calves.

I’m going to leave on a happy note and say nothing because, silent good-bye’s are good ones.

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