East vs West
Kanzi Korean Coffee Shop Sydney

Cultural Differences: Cultural Acceptance In East vs The West


In Australian, Sydney, I came into a Korean coffee shop called Kanzi to do some work.

I found that I only had 3% power, so I had to connect my power bank.

That is when I sat down in Kanzi with my hands under my chin in a prayer position, looking across my table at two very pretty Thai girls talking about getting plastic surgery on their faces.

That is when I thought, “The people from Asia are naturally happy and vivacious.  And, Australian people are not.”

When I am in China, everyone there is very spirited (热闹).  That is a great Chinese characteristic.  But when Chinese people come to Australia, they lose their sense of spirit, because the Australian people take their spirit away.

Overseas Chinese (华人) Dealing With Australian Cynicism

Chinese overseas (华人) have to deal with all this intolerance that comes from Australia, and I can see from interactions with hundreds of Chinese in Australia, that it wears down their spirit.

Today in Sydney, I approached two Chinese international students.  We talked for ten minutes about their life in Australia.  However, they were very sullen and suspicious towards what I as an Australian have to say.

In the end, the two Chinese international students do not want to believe me no matter what I say.

That is a bad indictment of Australia that the people that I know from China – who are the most spirited people on earth – come to Australia and they lose their spirit.

Tall-Poppy Syndrome And The Cynical Australian

So, when I saw those two Thai girls being so happy and vivacious, I thought, “That is great.  You have come from your country, and you still have that beautiful personality.”

But Australian people are not like that.

Australian people are quick to chop people down.  They have this very cynical world-view.  Australians have tall-poppy syndrome where they just want to chop anyone down.

Australians get tired and weary of chopping down our own Australian people, that now they have so many foreigners coming into our country, that we decide that we want to chop them down too.

Now we have a tall-poppy syndrome against Chinese people, and tall-poppy syndrome against any foreigners who come to Australia and do not want to integrate or learn English.

It is just a really rude mentality to have as an Australian, and I feel sad that we have that as a country.

Australians are like kids with temper tantrums.  Australians are holding a chocolate.  Someone from another country tries to take their chocolate, and the Australian stamps their foot on the ground and frowns, “That is my chocolate!”

How To Outgrow Australian Cynicism

I think the cynicism that comes from Australia in this generation is very naïve and childish.  Australians have to learn that as a people, that Australia is only one small part of the rest of the world.

Australians have blinkers on as a nation, assuming from the propaganda we hear from Australian news that we are one of the richest and best nations in the world, and therefore, anyone who comes to our country has to bow down and follow our rules.

That is a really cynical way to approach every other cultured civilization in the world.

Australians are not better than the cultures of those people.

The only culture that Australia has is the culture of law.  Australian politicians create so many laws in this nanny state called Australia, and that is all Australians have to show for it.

Australian Culture Is Meat Pies

Australians have no infrastructure, they have a cynical populace, and they have politicians that lie.

Australians don’t have anything that is better than other people.  All we have is meat pies.

So, Australian people have to get off their high horse, because we did not invent horses, even though we want to believe that we did.

Once Australians get off our high horse and start accepting that there are other civilized cultures around the world, and they learn their place in the world, and tolerate other people, then they will be able to live with the world community as one.

But until then, I think Australian people will be perceived around the world as the laughing stock of the civilized world.

I want to change that perception.

I don’t want Australian people to be so cynical.  I want us Australians to be able to accept other cultures.

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