East vs West

Cultural Differences – Chinese Male Dominance

On the walk to Yuexiu District (越秀区), I was walking up Dade Road (大德路) and saw a really hot girl.

standing across the street looking across the street, the girl wasn’t hot, but she had a beautifully done-up face, and a black dress on.  I thought,

“Wow, she is really sexy.  She is ripe to cross the street for to talk to her.”

So, I walked across the street.  Once across the road I said,

“Hi, how are you?  Do you speak English?”

She said,

“没有.  No.”

I took her appearance in.  She had her makeup done up, wearing red lipstick, a short girl with nice white legs.

While I switched to speak in Chinese, at one stage I could tell she was curious with me, smiling, but also inhibited around me.

I asked her, “我迷路了。我想问路。说实话,我从街对面看见你。我想来到这里跟你聊天.  I am trying to get to this road.  To tell you the truth, I saw you from across the street.  I wanted to come over and talk to you.”

Then she didn’t really have a reaction.  She looked over her shoulder.  I realized,

“You are waiting for a guy.”

The guy comes.  He said,


Without even looking at him, I said,

“谢谢你,”  and kept walking.

I think she said to him,

“He was asking me how to find the road.”

I gave her one final glance, and she turned around and started walking with the boy.

I turned one more time around and saw the guy put his hand all the way around her shoulder.  This is what Chinese guys do to stamp their authority.  But he was a little kid.

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