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Mad Chaos: Friday, January 3, 1997

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Tabitha Is Chasing Tatton

Last night was a long night, but fairly unadventurous mainly because of me.

After getting rung by Phoenix yesterday, Tabitha called me and told me that she still likes to get together with Tatton.  This came as a shock to me because Tatton was so shy.  I found out Tatton doesn’t want anything to do with her at all anymore.

Drive To Pizza Hut With Keith

Keith and Tamsen came over a bit later while I was listening to some CD shit.  She is going to Queensland for some shit tonight for a week.

They left.

I rang Keith at 8:30 pm.  He picked me up, and we left for Pizza Hut.

Everyone was down there with a car.

From there we moved to Rory’s house.

Rory Discovers Who Spray Painted Graffiti

We drove to Macdonald’s because Rory found out that Kobi and Cartman actually done the spray painting.  He was out for some revenge.

When we got to Pizza Hut there were about 8 cars with us that included Keith, Bình, Miroslav, Jaromir, Rory, Carey’s boyfriend, Annabelle, Silvester and probably some others that I forgot.  It was all these cars and William with Kobi.  Yunus was also with us, so that makes 9 cars.

I actually thought Rory was going to hit Kobi.  He started pushing him and gave him a shitty knee that didn’t connect.  Bla bla bla and they took off, so most of us followed him.

Chase Kobi To His Drug Dealer’s House

They drove to their drug dealer’s house.  Keith was driving away, so I jumped out and left with Silvester to be in action.

There were a lot of people out the front of the house.  They got scared when they had seen all these cars.  Carey’s boyfriend is a good driver.  He owns a Celica so that means he must be cool, and rich.

Doing Mr Z Impersonation On Loudspeaker

Driving to Caltex because nothing was happening, we took out the PA loudspeaker.  Everyone had a go on it.  I did my Mr Z impersonation, and everyone cracked up on it.  Even the people that owned the hotdog store and everyone that Ralf was dissing were laughing.

After an hour of that bullshit we drove to Chevys.

Drawing Weapons In A Fight At Chevys

We got out of the car, and were told to step in our car.  This guy was being a dickhead to us that was about 25.  Ralf went off at him.  They were going to have a fight.

The dick’s friend had a weapon, so I got into Miroslav’s car, got my knife and held it.  Miroslav then got his mobile and put it in his shirt to make it look like a semi auto gun.  It seemed to work when I pushed Miroslav to the direction and in front of everyone, and told Miroslav “Finish it off man, do it!”

All were looking and didn’t want to know us.  The guy was long gone up the road.  The Chevys security didn’t take a second glance at us because of that reason.

Strip Clubs In Kong’s Cross

After that, we traveled to Sydney city because of everyone wanting to get into King’s Cross to watch a strip show.  We got to Sydney.  We tried to get into one strip club but they didn’t let me in, so we left that.

Then we almost got into the second strip club, but I was asked again for some ID and didn’t have any reasonable shit.  I am two weeks away from my eighteenth birthday.

So I stayed outside with Shawn while Miroslav, Keith, Wilfrid and Ralf stayed inside for a while.  We couldn’t get into anything else, so we left for home.

I just got back before I started writing this.

The CD Carousel Installed In My Bedroom

Today also I got the CD carousel hooked up in my room thanks to Rory.

The CD carousel is fast and sounds louder and better with me putting the CD carousel in the place of the other CD player, and substituting the video player area so I can now put my CD player in there.  The video was put on the top parcel under the T.V and the extra CD player has been put through the video audio channel.

Today I am going to look for a job at the CES and listen to the CD carousel to see if there is anything different with it.

I’m not going to sleep for a while.  I’m going to try to get my CD and joystick from Imad so I can have almost everything of mine back.

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