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Mad Chaos: Thursday, September 5, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Hand Dole Form In With Imad

Today started off with Imad coming over and waking me up at around 10:30 am.

We went down to Campbelltown because I had to hand in my dole form.  We went and got that done before the section closed.

Hang Out In Mawson Park

While we were waiting for Dina to come from the station at 2:30 pm, we rang Tatton.  He said he was going to come down in an hour.  We waited in Mawson Park away from Bình ‘s shop and just sat there doing some karate, trying new shit, playing on the swings, perving at chicks, sitting on the tank, talking and being Idiots.

I didn’t go to the gym today because today was a big day so I couldn’t fit an hour in for it.  I also didn’t have anything to eat when I went to town, and I was very hungry.

Tatton Joins In

Tatton came down and we paid out on him as usual.  Then we went to Bình ‘s shop and called up Keith on his mobile.

Then we went to the C.E.S where I might have found a job interview that I could go to tomorrow.  I’ll probably have to ring up for an appointment because the lady there didn’t ring up.

After being dickheads there we went down to the station and sat down to be dickheads.  We were waiting for about half an hour for Dina but we kept ourselves amused.  He went his way with Dina to his house.

Tatton Hangs Out

I went to my house with Tatton.  We listened to music and came up with some rhymes.  Then I got some money off my mum.  We took that and I went to Tatton’s house and got his share for the Mike Mixer.

Then I rode to Jett’s house because he rang me and I went to his house.  We went off.

Buying The Mike Mixer

I left my bike there and went to Tandy in Macarthur and got a catalogue.

Then we caught the train to Campbelltown where there was a nice chick on the train spreading her legs while we were gazing up there.

We got to Campbelltown and we were walking through the taxi walkway and a guy walked past us and said “She’s got big tit’s don’t she!”  We agreed.  Then he stopped off at them, and chatted to her about us liking her big tits.  We just laughed.

They kept following us.  Then when we got far down the street they started yelling and whistling at us.

We turned the corner and went to Tandy’s and bought that plug thing and also the Mike Mixer.  I’m going to get my Microphone tomorrow.  Me and Tatton are going to Sydney.

Tatton’s House

After we got that shit, we went to Tatton’s.  We went to his room and tested it out.

Then we decided to go to my house to give it a try.  We plugged it up and it worked.  Seeming my speakers had cracks in them it didn’t sound that good.  I’ve got to get myself some better speakers for this system.

I got out a tape and we were rapping some shit for about 20 minutes and just having fun.

Tatton went home after that.

Jett’s House

Me and Jett went to his house on another long walk, and then an equally long ride back home.

I am going to listen to the tape a bit.

Planning Ahead

I’m going to have a shower and do some Typing on Mavis.

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