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Mad Chaos: Friday, May 17, 1996

Recruitment Agency Polite Rejection

May is the month of Uncertainty.

As I wrote that last sentence, I got a ring from Bowman’s Recruitment Agency.  They told me they couldn’t help me because I have not had any experience.

Keith Dogs Me

As I was writing that last paragraph I got a ring from Imad and I am going to do a “Real Friend” a favor because I want the best for him.

Keith dogged me today.  I am seeing the lighter side of him and everyone else now.   I am going to dog dogs and fuck them all up.   Keith came to pick me up today and I got out my L plates, which I had to ride my racer to get from the RTA.  I got in his car and I was certain he was going to give me a lesson, but he denied helping me.  I took that, seeming he was supposed to be in a hurry, which he wasn’t.

To Campbelltown With Ralf

We went to Ralf’s house and stayed there for a while until we all went to Campbelltown.

CES Job Rejection

I got out and went to the CES.   I waited for half an hour and then I went in and got rejected because I lived too far away from the job, which was alright with me seeming I had 2 other jobs in my hand that I had to fax my resume to.

Keith Dogs Me Again

We went back to Ralf’s house and Keith dogged me again and told me to go with Noah who just got his P’s today.

Walk Home

I went home and got my resume.  Then he parked and let me go to the CES.  After 10 minutes he came in and told me he had to go, which was alright with me because I let him go.  I faxed my résumés and then walked home, which is the first time I have done that in a while.

See Dina At Bradbury

I saw Dina at the Shops in Bradbury and so I decided to make an arrangement for tonight.  I said there is a party going on tonight and everyone is going and she and Imad should go.   I am taking my Adidas and my knife tonight because if anyone gets in my way, I am going to kill them.   That’s the way I feel, that’s the way life is.

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