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Girl Outside The Sydney Train

Diary Of A Mad Chaos: Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The audio diary captures thoughts as they come to me, every single minute of every single day since September 2016.

The Buxom Girl On The Train

I got onto the train. There were some sexy girls on the train, man.  From Kingsgrove all the way back to Campbelltown, I sat on the vestibule where the doors are.

I am still getting used to being in Australia and being amongst all these Australian people coming back on the train.

It was a packed train this time, so it made me smirk because it reminds me a bit of China.

Of course, the trains are structured in a different way.  People can choose to sit upstairs or downstairs, and they can either stand or sit.  I chose to sit between two girls.

I was looking downstairs, to a girl with a bright red top on.  She had the biggest boobs, she was a blonde girl, and she had a black skirt too.  I was looking at her.

When she got up later, she ended up having really big hips.  She looked like a bit of a goer.  She did not look sweet at all.

When I was looking at her downstairs, I could see down her top.  She pointed her legs towards my direction, so I could see between her legs.  It was all going off!  It was like I was back in China.

Then, when she got up and prepared to leave, I was looking in her direction, and we gave each other an eye.

Girls Need To Feel Safe

Then I started to think, “What do you have to do to get a girl?”  I think the most important thing you have to do is to make her feel safe.

When I look at this girl and do not say anything, I am not making her safe.  I am making her feel worried.

She would think, “What is he staring at me for?”

Obviously it is because I like her, but she might think, “He might be a bad guy.”

Other Characteristics Girls Like

So, exuding a sense of humor – even though you do not say anything – would be a positive.  A girl would feel safe around that.

Being polite would also make a girl feel safe.

Being a gentleman would also make a girl feel safe.

Also, talking to a girl would make a girl feel safe.

Ways To Make Girls Feel Safe

For example, I was at the bus stop and was not talking, that would not make a girl feel safe.  It is only until we face each other, and we talk, and we have some conversation that the girl thinks, “He is a nice guy.  He is talking to me.  He is being polite.”

So, if you can exude those characteristics, then you can get a girl to like you, otherwise, she will be creeped out by you, because you do not talk.

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