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Cultural Differences: Sexualised Fashion Trends in East vs West Societies

The Spandex Tracksuit Pants Trend In Australian Fashion

In Australia, Sydney, on a Thursday night in the local mall where everyone goes late night shopping, a friend and I came out of a trinket shop and proceeded to walk through the mall.

I told him, “Sydney is funny.  I have just returned from China and everyone has caught up to my fashion.”

Australian girls in spandex tracksuit pants were all walking around.  This is what people like me normally wear, and now everyone in Australia is wearing that to make everyone realize that we are Australian people, we wear spandex tracksuit pants.

I am looking at a girl that is wearing black three-quarter tight, spandex sports pants with a green singlet top on that is showing off her cleavage and athletic body.  She has her blonde hair tied up and a huge backpack on her back.

This is the kind of fashion that you see in Australia.  The girls in Australia want to exude their sexuality.  They want to put everything about their sex on display.  These Australian girls want to show, “I am strong, and athletic.  I have a powerful libido.  You want to take me to your home.  I have a luscious body.”

So many girls in the mall were walking around with the new style, gym spandex pants.  I now see females of all shapes and sizes wear taut spandex pants that go all the way down to their ankles and hug their ass.

The Girly Fashion Ubiquitous In Chinese Fashion

You don’t see that fashion often enough in China.

Chinese girls are not confident enough to wear body-hugging spandex.

Asian Girl Short Shorts

Normally, in China, Chinese girls wear very girly skirts that tassel out, or really short shorts.  This girly fashion tries to out-compete each other by looking more fragile, cute, and ditzy but conversely, shows more skin.

To show more skin, the short shorts are so short, anyone can see through to their private parts.  You can also see that Chinese girls are not trying to exude sexuality in China, but that Chinese girls are rather trying to place their sexiness on display.

Sexualised Fashion versus Shape

spandex-pants-australiaChinese girls like to sexualise themselves, whereas girls in Australia love to show off the shape of their body.

In China, skirts emphasise the slender shape of delicate youth.  Every Chinese girl who wears these very cute, tasseled short skirts is going to look pretty in that short skirt, but not every Chinese girl that wears body-hugging spandex pants is going to look sexy in that.

Most Chinese girls are skinny and do not have a curvy shape, so they would only be showing off their skinny legs and their slenderness.  It would not be as appealing as the Australian girls who have a bit more tone in their legs, a fuller behind, pear-shaped hips, and all other sorts of body shapes.

The Key Differentiator In Australian Fashion

In essence, in Australian fashion, the way that girls differentiate themselves is through these spandex pants.  Australian girls come in all shapes and sizes, and in this fashion season, they have opted to market their body in spandex pants.

Australian people like athletic girls.  Obviously, the sporty spandex pants style looks sexy.  It makes the girls who wear the style look athletic.

Australia does not have the very pretty, princess style girls in Australian fashion culture, really, whereas in China these types of girly girls are ubiquitous.


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