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Cultural Differences: Australian / Chinese Fashion Culture

Australian Fashion Culture

As I am sitting here in Sydney, Australia, looking at all the girls passing outside the coffee shop, it dawns on me that women are getting more and more beautiful in Sydney.

I had flown back from China only a few days prior, and had seen a stark difference in appearance and disposition that had sprung from the fashion culture of each country.

The girls here in Australia dress sexy, but unlike the “sexy” in China.

I began to study the scene.

In Australia, I found women still wear short shorts, similar to the fashion culture in China.  One Latino girl with dark skin and big breasts, wore a mid-riff low-cut white top that accentuated her boobs.  She also wore short shorts, but her clothes were like snow on a mountain, intended only to emphasize her curvy body.

Moreover, I noticed she walked around with a confident strut.

Other girls that I saw walking around the mall, were Macedonian girls with nice eyes.  Straight away you get attracted to their eyes and their look, before you get attracted to their clothes.

Confidence and diverse genetics became a trend only observed in Australian fashion culture, in that most Australian females ooze sex appeal, so that putting on these sexualized clothes only serves to accentuate their sex appeal.

Australian girls wear fashion to appear more sophisticated and try different styles.

Chinese Fashion Culture

On the other hand, the girls in China look stunning with simple clothes on.  Once you try to complicate it with more complex fashion, then it starts to degrade the quality of the female that you are looking at.

I think that is one of the major differences between Eastern and Western fashion culture.

In Australia, natural curves compliment the fashion.  In China, fashion compensates for the lack thereof.

That makes me think that when Chinese girls wear the fashion that you would see in Western society, they do not look as attractive as they would if they just dressed up in cheap, but sexual clothes.

The Copy Culture In Fashion

Another key difference between Eastern and Western fashion culture is the awareness of international fashion and the appreciation of the meaning behind the fashion.

With Australia being an immigrant country comprised of people from all nations, Australian culture has become one of an open society.  It is not a “copy” culture.

Whereas in China, most people copy each other, and in all the copying, those in the “copy” culture fail to appreciate the original meaning behind the fashion.

It gets to a point where nothing is original, because everyone is wearing a similar trend, just in a slightly different variation.

Whereas in Australia, everyone has all these different fashion trends and styles.  No one sits on a certain brand.  Most people dress originally.

That is the great thing about Australia; no girl is looking at the girl beside her, no one is copying each other, and everyone exudes confidence.  The great thing about Chinese fashion is the skimpy apparel innocuously worn by so many chaste girls, in a culture fashioned merely to keep up with the Joneses.


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