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Revolutions in China – Underground Russian Internet

On my way to Kecun (客村), I was thinking in my mind, the internet censorship is so bad.  Later, when my girlfriend and I had finished at Memorial Hall (纪念堂) and walked through the People’s Park (人民公园) past all the gay people seated down on chairs, and all the people dancing, reveling, and being drunk, we began talking about the idea I had about an internet cable running underground from Russia to China.

Internet Cables to Mainland China

I began to wonder, what would happen if a very long internet cable was run for a kilometer underground from Russia into China, and it ends up in the China side?  Those people within China with access to that cable can use the cable as a network hub, to run a service where free Russian internet runs into China.

If you run the service from the Russian-Chinese border all the way down to Guangzhou, then this secret internet service planted inside China that belongs to and originates from Russia can be accessed by a network of mainland Chinese citizens.

The same service could also be provided from Hong Kong.  A cable could be covertly built under the water canal that goes to mainland China.  An internet cable is easy to hide.  If any Russian security personnel ever picks up on this and asks, “What are you doing,” one can say, “I am digging a hole.”

The Footpath Analogy

My girlfriend could not understand the idea.  She said, “What do you mean it comes from Russia?”  I walked to a square section of the footpath where two sections intersect.

I told her, “Russia is like this part here,” putting my foot on the footpath as people were moving around us.  Then I said, “And China is this part of the grass that you have to step up onto.”  I pointed to the part of the grass that was off the footpath.  It has a small 3 inch container wall.

I added, “Going through this wall between Russia and China would be a cable, and it would come up on the Chinese side.  But, it would be Russian internet coming from within Russia.  The only thing that is going to be within China is the cable itself.  And it is not like you can kill a cable if you catch it.  It is not like the cable has any governance or authority from Russia.  It just has Russian internet on it coming from Russia.”

“So when you feed it to China across the border, then you can build a network on those cables to other computers that can spread the network all the way down to Guangzhou.  You can probably also do the same thing from Hong Kong if you put a cable through the water to Shenzhen.”

When I said that, her eyes lit up as if this was revolution talk.

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