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Cultural Differences: Job Interviews in China That Resemble Pokemon Go Hunts

A Typical Job Interview in China

When I was at the train station at Newport East Metro Station (新港东地铁站), I saw a big group of girls and boys all standing there on their mobile phones.

I am thinking, “What are they doing?  Are they playing a computer game?  Are they playing Pokemon Go?”

I approached them with curious eyes.

One young girl with a red jacket had a cute face, a drooping-lip, and curious eyes.  I walked up to them and in Chinese asked,

“Excuse me, what is going on here?  Are you guys playing a computer game?”
“你好, 不好意思. 你们现在在做什么? 你们都玩游戏吗? ”

The girl replied, “Examination.”

I reacted, “You are doing a test outside?  Why?”

The girl replied, “We are applying for a job at this metro station.

I said, “Oh, that makes sense.”

I thought, “Wow, I have just walked into a job application.”

It came as a culture shock to me.

I saw the guards were collecting names via WeChat (微信), so everyone was nervous.

I don’t know what it is with me today but every time I am walking around with a suitcase, everyone is swarming around me.  I got a lot of attention.

Five girls were standing around me.

One girl said, “你在这里出差吗?”
“Are you on a business trip?”

I said, “No, I am an English teacher.”

One girl moved forward, and could speak English.  She was really cute.

When that girl started talking to me using some English, I asked,

“You speak English, do you?”

She replied, “A little.”

I said,   “因为我的朋友在公园前地铁站已经做这个工作. 如果你做这个工作的话, 英文比较重要.”
“My friend has done this kind of work already at Park Front Metro Station.  If you want to work in a metro station, English is quite important.  You need to speak English because you are going to have customers like me.”

She agreed.

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