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Cultural Differences: Groping Culture On The Chinese Metro System

Being Subjected To An Incident Of Groping

Today on the Guangzhou metro, I boarded a carriage packed to 80% capacity with people.  In the throng I pushed up through the train access doors, and pushed until I reached the middle of the carriage.  People were all around me.  I had no room to move.  I watched down to my crotch as the space between me and the person in front of me edged closer and closer, and was sealed when people behind me pushed me forward to push against the person in front.

In that space was an attractive girl wearing a black skirt, long fuck-me boots, a red jacket, and carrying a bag.

When I came onto the train, and the access doors closed, she backs up into my body.  She looks back and knows I am there, but still she backs up into me.  My hand is clutching my bag near my crotch.  She has pushed her body backwards onto my hand.  I was not sure if it was deliberate. Now my hand was touching her ass.  It was very soft and delicate.

Two stations later, once some people had alighted, and plenty of space emerged around us, she decides to move forward and away from me into the middle of the train.

Being Subjected To A Violation Of Personal Space

Soon.  I had to transfer between trains.  I approached the next train.  In the throng I pushed up through the train access doors, and turned right to stand between the long benches, and the small space with a hand rail next to the access doors.  In that small crevice where the doors are was another girl.  She had a small face, short, brown hair, wearing lipstick, and nice skin, but she did not look Oriental or Chinese.

As the doors closed, I moved into the carriage following all the passengers, until I came to directly face her chest and body.  I had my hand around the bar on the metro train next to where the doors open.  We are so close that my hand is around her body.  She deliberately seems me right in front of her, and then returns her gaze back to her phone.

Eventually she leans back and leans into my body, until she is leaning so far into my bicep that I am hugging her from behind.  My other hand is in front of me with my mobile phone.  As my mobile phone hand lowers, I was touching her shoulder.  I was pretty much half-hugging her body on the metro.

It got my cock hard.

She has a lot of space to move, but she does not do that.

I don’t know if it is subconscious or if those girls are deliberately doing it, but she wanted to hug a stranger in this position. I can only imagine it is because I am a foreigner that she has subconsciously gotten close.

The girl and I alighted at West Exit metro station (西门口地铁站).  Our bodies had been so close I did not see what clothes she wore, so it was a surprise to see her peel off my biceps, to see she had worn a black, loose skirt, and skin-colored stockings on.  Walking up the stairs, she looked very sexy.

How Australian Society Treats Violations Of Personal Space In Public Places

This situation would never happen on an Australian train.  The provision of personal space is implicit in our society.  Any time a person accidentally bumps into another person in Australia, we say, “Excuse me.  Sorry.”  Even for the slightest body-to-body contact or even near misses – when two people walk in the same direction on the road and both people swerve to turn into each other – We say, “Sorry.”  This is done to avoid any misconceptions.

Australians value their personal space.  Manners in general society is paramount to us.  So, in this situation, if a female was being virtually hugged by a stranger on a train, she would not act with such disregard to the violation of her personal space, nor would she be leaning into a male stranger as if he were a cushy pillow.  In Australia, we all seem to be aware of our surroundings, and the people, or strangers, within them.

In The West, a woman would view that breach of proximity as sexual assault.  In the absence of manners within one society, and the absence of de-sensitivity to groping in another society, it would be hard to adapt to the cultural norms on show in both societies.

To me, each day on the train in Guangzhou is certainly interesting.

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