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Mad Chaos: Wednesday, December 18, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

It is now a month until my birthday, and just a bit before two weeks before I see Kathryn.

Today I woke up at 1:00 pm because Keith rang me up telling me we were doing gym at 3:00 pm.  Time passed.  At the start of the day I had a sore throat.  I got over that mainly because of the gym, but I shitted it out of me!!!

Gym Routine

exerciseThe highlight of today was obviously that I had gym.  It was a very high intensity workout, considering I didn’t eat too much before the workout, and I had lots of rest in-between sets.

Warm-up: Nat came with us today and she was keeping Keith company and so I warmed up for 4 minutes and burnt about 25 calories.

Then I stretched the Quads and Hams lighter than usual because I was tense and not very stretchable today.

Quadriceps: Using mind power to my advantage today I started on Leg Press for a warm-up with 80 pounds on it and I done 15 reps.

From here I moved to Smith Squats and another warm-up set was with 80 pounds and I done 12 reps.

Leg Extension was my last warm-up set and with 120 pounds for a medium set I stretched 15 reps.

My next 3 sets were for Strength and I started on Smith Squats with 160 pounds and managed 10 reps before I stopped.  The last two heavy sets were on Leg Press and I tried the 20 Rep Set method for my first set.  I stacked the weight with 360 pounds that is 20 pounds higher than usual and this set was performed slowly.

I would do one rep then rest 5-10 seconds then I would complete another rep and repeat the cycle until I had finished 15 reps.  This was very taxing on my Quadriceps especially when I done 2 reps in one movement and the last 3 reps were done all in one go to completely tax my Quadriceps.

The agony wasn’t finished there, after some resting I dropped the weight down to 320 pounds and I went balls to the wall and got out 12 reps but I got very taxed towards the end.

Hamstrings: Most of my Energy was gone by now but I started on Standing Leg Curls and with 30 pounds done 15 reps per leg.

The next set was performed on Angled Lying Leg Curls with 160 pounds and I just managed to perform 10 reps before conking out.  The last set was done with 140 pounds and I got out 10 reps but I didn’t end it there, I dropped the weight to 80 pounds done a few reps then dropped it again twice before finishing 10 or more extra reps.

On the last drop I lifted my body off the base.

Calves: I haven’t done this body-part for a while so I didn’t kick up a fuss if I done perfect form or lots of weight with me using Standing Calve Raises and starting on 120 pounds to do 15 reps.

The next set was with 180 pounds and once again I managed 15 more reps.

The last set was performed on Seated Calve Raises and with 60 pounds I done 15 reps.

Abdominals: This was pretty straight forward since I was so taxed I could not be fucked doing anything but Crunches.  Starting with no weight I done 30 reps and then on my next set picked up 20 pounds and done 20 more reps.

Last set was with 20 pounds for 20 reps but these reps went from side to side working the Obliques and shit like that.

I couldn’t eat much when I came home, because I felt full, but hungry.  I weighed 74 kilos after my workout.

Tomorrow I will weight just a bit above that.

Planning Ahead

Tonight I am contemplating not going to training because my legs are fucked and are hurting.  From yesterday my Chest, Back and Shoulders hurt.  I hope they clear up before Saturday comes when I train again.

Tonight I am going to get some R & R for a change, but I might go out with the clan if someone calls me.

I know that Keith is going to come over later tonight.  I can feel it happening.  He still has to show me pictures of Warrawong.

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