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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, December 10, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Jett Calls

Today I slept until 12:00 pm.  That is 10 hours of sleep, a bit too much.

I woke up because Jett called to ask if he could have the spare two speakers that I had from the old system.  We talked for a bit because it was his lunch break.  He told me how Fred hit Norton and he didn’t go to work.

From then on I got up and had something to eat.  As time passed, Tino rang me up to tell me that him and Keith were ready for gym.

Firstly we drove to get some bananas and things from Bradbury for my mum.

Gym Routine

exerciseFrom there we drove to the gym and did our workout.

Warm-up: Riding the bikes for 4 minutes and burning 26 calories was my warm-up.  I took it at a slow pace not rushing anything and then stretched my Chest, Triceps, Quads and Hams.
Chest: Continuing from my warm-up I warmed up with Pullovers and a 35 pound Dumbbell and 12 reps.  I was with Fil at this time and we walked to Cable Crossover and with 30 pounds each end I done 15 reps for my second warm-up.  Now I should have warmed up for my Triceps but I went straight to heavy Bench Press after a 3 minute rest helping Fil.  Bench Press was loaded with 150 pounds and with Keith spotting me, I managed 8 reps and a spot from Keith for another 2.  Weight was put down to 140 pounds and I managed 4-5 reps before assistance from Keith.  The weight was stripped to 100 pounds and I done 3 more reps stripping the weight again to 80 pounds and doing 2 more reps.  That’s not the end of it, I stepped up to Dips and dipped myself 8 times and after that I done 10 pushups and that was very hard to do.  My last set was on Pullovers and with 60 pounds I managed 10 reps and my Chest was so Fatigued that it took me very long to finish my last set.
Latissimus: I didn’t feel like heavy Back so I started on Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns with 40 pounds for warm-up and 12 reps.  The weight was raised to 90 pounds (Which is my heaviest I think), and I done 8 reps and put the weight down to 70 pounds and done more.  One Arm Dumbbell Rows was next and with 70 pounds each arm I done a set of 10 reps.  My last set was with Close Grip Lat Pulldowns and I was so fatigued that I had to do 110 pounds 10 times and the last few reps were forced.
Quadriceps: This body-part was taken easy today without much heavy working and starting on Leg Extensions with 50 pounds I done 12 reps.  I put the weight up to 90 pounds and 12 more reps were done.  Sweating over to Horizontal Leg Press with 200 pounds I done 25 reps.  The last set was on Hack Squats with a lower angle and with 160 pounds I done 10 reps and I looked like a sick cunt, and I looked like I had big arms with my sleeves rolled up, which made me do my next body-part.
Biceps: Difference was on my mind and that’s why I done E.Z Preacher Curls with 60 pounds and managing just 10 reps.  My Biceps were aching and after a strenuous workout this would be considered madness but I sat down for Alternate Dumbbell Curls.  With 40 pound Dumbbells in my hand I got out 6 or so very slow, hard reps before picking up 35 pounders and finishing 10 reps.
Hamstrings: Wording is good to me today as we walk to 90 pounds on Angled Lying Leg Curls and doing 15 reps.  Jumping onto Seated Leg Curls I forced out 15 more reps with 150 pounds.
Abdominals: Starting on Machine Ab Crunches with 200 Pounds I worked toward 20 reps before moving to Crunches.  I had a 40 pound plate on my belly but, it was uneasy so after 5 reps I took it off and with no weight done 20 reps.  My last set was with a 40 pound Dumbbell on my Chest and with that I Crunched out 20 reps.

My weight today was 73 kilos.  That’s pretty bad, considering I was 74.5 kilos on my last workout.

My 3-day routine starts on Monday.  I might go 4 days a week soon, but I am not ready for that much effort yet.

After the workout I munched up.

Keith Helps Me Install Lock On Bedroom Door

Later on Keith came over.  We put a lock on my door so no one can come in while I am getting it on in summer with Kathryn, or whoever.

Keith should be paying for me to go to the gym the next fortnight, as payment for the tires.

I went for a little bike ride today to see if anything was going on tonight but it doesn’t seem it now.

I just watched G.P on television.  It was pretty good Australian Drama.

Considering Buying A CD Carousel

If I haven’t said it yet, I am considering getting a CD carousel when my money comes in.  It will cost me $110 but I will sell off my other CD player and will have some clothes money on the side.

I’m desperately under-funded for the holidays.  That means I have to either get a part time job or do lots of rorts.

Writing A Recognition Letter For Office Jobs

I’m going to make eggs to eat and something to munch on.

employment studyThen I’m going to write a recognition letter to a firm in Campbelltown that is recruiting an Office Assistant.  The firm only wants written applications, so I’ll be at Skillshare tomorrow to see if they can help me out, or maybe down at Mission Employment to see if those idiots can help me out.

I’m going to use Mavis now, touch up a bit.

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