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Mad Chaos: Monday, December 2, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Keith Drives To Hook Up With Miroslav’s Crew

Since the last entry, it was pretty much jam packed.  I didn’t sleep more than 45 minutes last night because of how long I stayed out.

Keith picked me up.  He had Tamsen in the car.   We drove somewhere.  Then Keith dropped her off and told her we were going home.

From there we rang up Miroslav.  He told us he was down the drags, so we drove there and waited for him to show.

Miroslav’s Crew Causing A Ruckus

When we got there, everyone was leaving because someone had tipped over a Laser on its back, and burnt the car in the drags parking lot, while in one of the buildings a camera was taking pictures.

Watching the fun, we sat with Miroslav, Parker and Hudson and conversed.  We walked to the cars which were parked at the fire brigade / court parking and talked there for about an hour with Hudson sleeping in the car.

Dropping off Hudson, we stopped at the petrol station in Ruse and talked there until 4:00 am.  Miroslav and Keith spoke on broad topics, from Rory, to sex, to positions, the usual.

Miroslav done a shit in the bushes.  Then he picked up his shit in a piece of paper and put it in the door opener that opens the automatic doors as well as in the lock itself.  I’d hate to be the guy to clean that tomorrow.

Miroslav left for home.

Stealing Newspapers From Airds

Keith and I drove looking for newspapers.  We followed the paper truck from Airds shops, took some papers there to Bradbury, Hoddle Avenue and Campbelltown.  At Hoddle Avenue we got lots of Magazines because it was magazine night.  We scored Who, New Idea, New Post, TV Extra and best of all Australian Hot Talk Porno shit.

We drove to my house and took a look at what we took.  Then we slept for 45 minutes because Keith had to get Tamsen at 7:15 am.  When he left, I went back to sleep.

The Court Case Against My Brother

I wasn’t going to go to the court but the cop rang me up and persuaded me that if I didn’t go then it wouldn’t be a good choice.  I rested close-eyed for a while, then got dressed and showered.  I got rushed because I was going with dad and mum, and didn’t get to eat.

I saw Rory in Pizza Hut in the morning before the court-case and watched him make some dough.

The court case didn’t start until after lunch.  I waited there for about 3 or more hours.  When I was in there, they gave my brother a 2 year probation and $1,000 in fines.

In CES Hanging Out With Cartman And William

After that I walked to CES.   William was there with Cartman and Robert that I talk to sometimes from my gym.  I sat down and talked to them for a while.  I looked for some casual work but couldn’t find a thing.

We went upstairs to case management for William.  While we were up there me and Cartman had a good laugh doing comedy for about an hour.  We talked about having a full-blown Billicart with 2 Turbos and it runs on Shape milk and hydraulics, shit like that.

William took enough time.

Keith And Tamsen Come Over

After that I left and rang Keith.  He came to pick me up from Pizza Hut.

Tamsen drove us to my house, where she borrowed a screwdriver to fix her car aerial.

From there I just listened to music.

Just now I had a good old sleep for 3 hours or so.

I don’t know if anything is going on tonight but I have gym tomorrow.  Keith will bring some cleaning fluid and machine to clean the carpet in my room.

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