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Mad Chaos: Friday, December 6, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

The day is coming nearer, and even though it is only 3 weeks away, I do not show much hesitation of waiting for her.  I can wait.

Drive To Skillshare With Keith

Today I woke up at 11:00 am after being woken by Keith on the phone to get our resumes.  The sleep was good, but sooner or later I had to get up.

employment studyI didn’t have much to eat when we darted to Campbelltown.

When we arrived to Skillshare, Keith’s resume was ready, but mine was not, and I didn’t mind.

Yesterday while I was using Mavis Typing I scored a whopping 95 WPM and an average of 70 WPM.  After that, my average was around 65 WPM.  If I retake the test, my rate will certainly go up.

Listen To Music At Home

From Skillshare I got dropped off at home to rest until the gym came up.  Basically, I listened to music until 4:00 pm.

Keith went to his interview at the CES, but I forgot to ask how he went.  When he came back, he handed me my résumé.  It was much better than the last résumé I got typed up.  It was only two pages.

Gym Routine

exerciseI ate some pancakes.  Then we drove to the gym.

Warm-up: Consisted of riding the bike for 4 minutes and burning 30 calories.  I then warmed up the chest extensively.  Warming up of the Quads and Hams was also added.
Chest: Opting for 3 warm up sets I started on Cable Crossovers in a standing position with 20 pounds each hand and warmed up with 15 reps.  The weight was placed on 40 pounds each hand and once again with precision, I managed 15 more reps.

The next warm up set was on Bench Press and with 80 pounds I pounded 10 reps.  The true factor was that 150 pounds was next and I took my time to catch my breath and warm-up before doing 6 reps and 2 assist reps.  The next set was tried with 140 pounds and this time I was straining from the 4th rep but I managed 8 reps with lots of spotting.

My last set for Chest was on Smith Inline Press and 80 pounds was a handful for me taking it all the way to the Brim of the Clavicle and managing 7-8 reps on that one.

Quadriceps: Choosing this body-part to go next took consideration but it is needed for a bigger body-part.

First set was on Seated Horizontal Leg Press with 200 pounds and 20 reps.  The next set was placed with Leg Extensions pounding 15 reps with 70 pounds.  Two more sets were needed and I used 340 pounds again today and managed (after some breathing and drinking), 10 reps assisting myself on a rep or two.

The next set was placed with 320 pound and this time I managed 10 reps paused, then progressed to rep out another 4 reps before moving on.

Latissimus: Starting on Seated Cable Rows with 50 pounds I warmed up with 15 reps before moving to T Bar Rows.  Placing 80 pounds on this exercise I managed very easily to do 10 reps.  After some thought I placed the weight up to 120 pounds and once again managed 8 reps but again, I paused and done 4 more reps.

This is where I moved to Neutral Grip Lat Pulldowns and with 130 pounds managed 10 reps without much strain.  The weight dropped to 70 pounds and I forced out 10 more reps.

Hamstrings: Starting on Seated Leg Curls with 100 pounds I quickly ended a set of 20 reps.

Moving to Angled Lying Leg Curls I put the weight firstly to 160 pounds and with heave and hoe, I repped out 10 reps.  Weight decreased to 140 pounds and 10 reps was once again achieved.

Abdominals: I only done 2 sets on Crunches and with 20 pounds in my hands achieved 2 sets of 20 reps and a lot of strain.
Biceps: Once again, only one set before I finished my strenuous 20 set workout.

I got out 80 pounds fixed on a bar and got Keith to spot me on Barbell Curls and I managed to do 6 reps before I was assisted by Keith for the last time of the day.

The 90% Spotter Routine

While writing that I was thinking that on very hectic days when I want to have a body-part grow out of proportion, why not employ a new routine.

For chest so far I have chosen to do some warm-up sets, and then pick a heavy weight, say 90%, and stick to that weight without dropping for 2 or more sets needed.

That way I will employ the assistance of a spotter much more and my muscles will be worked to failure for that body-part.

So I might try 150 pounds with Bench Press next workout and then drop to 140 pounds and stay on that weight for 2 fast sets to see what happens.

Imad Comes Over

After the workout my pants were filled with sweat.  Keith dropped me off at home and he left.  I on the other hand ate lots of wholesome food.

Imad came over while I was listening to music.  He told me that him and Dina broke up a day or two ago.  They broke up for 2 hours because of Dina flirting with guys.  As usual, he fiddled around with my CDs and we sparred a bit, flexed muscles, looked at his car, you know… routine.

Cleaning The Bedroom Carpet

When Imad left I listened to more music, but above all, I started to clean my carpet.  I over-cleaned one part and it looks too bright, so I am going to start cleaning my carpet again.  I used dishwashing soap and watered it down after that, toweled it down, and it got rid of the stains.  So, that’s the go for the next hour.

Preparing For The Interview Tomorrow

My interview is on for Monday at 10:00 am.  I am going to have to prepare to sleep earlier for that day and look good for it.  I’m going to get some black shoes off Imad or Keith and also get my resume in a different slip, so that it will fit the entire resume.  Basically I want to look presentable to them and get a job.

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