Mad Chaos: Wednesday, October 30, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Elderslie High School Work Experience

Today I woke up around 6:30 am normal time.  I did the usual routine but I was really tired.  I had a shower and all that.  Then I came and had a little more sleep before I took off.

I caught a different bus from outside Pizza Hut and got there around the same time as usual.

In the morning I was really sleepy.  I just wanted to lie down and have a little more sleep, but I didn’t because I had work to do.  I couldn’t get it in edgewise.

I worked up until recess where I played the piano in the music room.  I was really tired.

A bit before lunch I put my head down for some rest.  I had some sleep, then more sleep at lunch and then I worked until 3:30 pm.

Keith Drives Us To Pizza Hut

I called Keith to pick me up.  He came down and picked me up a bit past 3:30 pm.  We drove to the back of Pizza Hut.

Rory wasn’t there, so Keith was dropping me off home.  I saw Tatton so I got dropped off to see him, and Keith went to Tamsen’s house.  He had Tamsen in the car.  They weren’t talking to each other because they had a little argument.

Play Gridiron With Tatton

Me and Tatton went and played a little gridiron at Hurley Park.  It took us around 2 hours or less.  I left there at 6:00 pm.

I went home and had a big meal to eat.  I went to sleep after the meal because I was really tired.  I fell asleep for around 30 minutes until someone knocked on my window.  It was Keith.

Keith Drives Us Again To Pizza Hut

Keith stayed over for a bit.

Then we went out for a drive to Pizza Hut.  We stayed down there for a while with Rory, Simon and his dad, Anxo and William.

Pranking People With Rory’s Phone

Rory went to pick someone up.  We had his phone pranking a lot of people on it, calling around 25 different people.  I rang Dabbagh.

After that, Rory came back down and he had Berenice, Carey, and this other girl in the car that I knew from Herman Milford’s house.  They stayed for a bit.  I had to contain myself about Rory’s phone.

Keith scared the fuck out of Rory because he was going at him at 60km an hour and then sharply turned out of his way just missing him.  Rory ran out of the way and then we went back to see if he shit his pants, and to get my dole form out of his car.

Free Pizzas From Prank Calls

We stayed out for a bit.  Simon got us the Pizzas that we pranked with Rory ‘s phone.  Pranking was our new way to get free pizzas.  We talked to Silvester and shit.

Meanwhile, Rory dropped the girl off at hospital.

Visit Carey’s House

Then we left for Carey’s house.  We got there.  Rory was there with the rest of them.  They were all smoking pot.

Rory wants to get onto Annabelle from down the street of Brodie.  He says he hasn’t gotten onto anyone lately for her.  We left a bit after that because I wanted – and still want – to get to sleep.

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