Mad Chaos: Tuesday, September 24, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Waterbed Is A Good Sleep

I had another good sleep, and I’m thinking now that the bed is up and working.  It has a heater up and going.  I’m going to have some very good nights of sleep coming up.

Last night the waterbed mattress was a bit cold but I slept through it, and it was a good sleep.  My chest and back hurt from yesterday’s workout so I must have done something good.

Visited Campbelltown

I got up at 11:30 am today and I had some shit to eat.  I went to Campbelltown with dad so I could show him how to use the ATM Machine.  We came back home.

Then I left to go to the C.E.S to look for a job.  I didn’t have much success so I came back home, where mum wanted me to get some shit from the shops.

Is Nina Lying About Kathryn’s Letter

Visiting Bradbury shops I called up Nina to see if she talked to Kathryn.  It turns out she wasn’t there when she was on the phone.  I’m beginning to wonder if Nina is telling me the whole truth because she tells me that Kathryn sent a letter and it still hasn’t come yet.

I want to write to Kathryn and just see what’s going on, but once again I’m not sure of what the response is going to be or if there is going to be a response to the letter I sent.  I wish there really was a note from her waiting for me in the mail but, I aint seen it yet.

After I called her sorry ass, I came back home and went to sun bake in the backyard.  I was there for about 30 minutes.

Help Imad With Tools

Then Imad came.  He wanted to borrow some shit to fix up his car.  He made my dad a bit angry when he was coming up the driveway and he accidentally spun out on the grass.

Then we went into the garage to get some tools.  I didn’t ask my dad, and he came down and had a go at me.

I do too much for Imad and don’t really get much appreciation for it.

Move-Out Talk With Imad

Me and Imad were talking in my room, and moving came up in the conversation.  His mum is moving at the end of this year but if I wanted to move in with him (if he was still going out with Dina), then I would have some trouble moving in with him.  He would probably want her to move into the house too and that would make me probably change my mind of moving in with him.  He said he wanted me to move in with him but he’s only said it once and I don’t know if he means it.

I wanted to get out of the house a bit and he needed petrol, so I gave him $5 from my gym money.  I only have $5 left so I’m going to have to take some from mum to help me out.  Imad says he can give it back to me on Thursday but I’m not holding my breath for him.

Chill At Home

After that I came home and played the computer for a while.  I didn’t have much to do for the rest of the day.

I’m listening to The Loony’s.  Then I’m going to do some more typing practice.  Then I’m going to watch gridiron on TV and have a nice night’s sleep.

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