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Mad Chaos: Thursday, September 26, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Imad Drives Me To Interview

The time was about 9:00 am when I got up today, because sleeping in was on the agenda.  I put on my shit for the interview, and then left on my bike and rode to Imad ‘s house.

I woke him up and asked him if he would like to drive me there, and he agreed.  He came and picked me up from my house and we left for it.

Receptionist Job Interview Through CES

We got to the C.E.S at Ingleburn.  They overlooked me.  Then I was granted to go to the interview.

employmentThe interview was nicely placed where I could walk to it easily.  I liked the person who the conversation began with.  I think her name was Susan.  We had a very good talk.  I was in the mood to have a good interview with her and it was.

While I was in there, I met the other guy that helped out at the front.  It turns out that they haven’t had a person doing reception for about 2 months.  10 people have gone for the job but none of them have been good enough for the position yet.  I hope I’m successful.

Even though I was the only male applying for that position she didn’t seem to discriminate against me at all.  I like that and that’s why I would like to work there but all I can really do now is wait.

Chilled With Imad At Dina’s House

Imad was waiting out the front for me.  After about 20 minutes I walked out.  I was a bit sweaty.

After that we went to Dina’s house.  We played around for a while watching the movie Executions.  It was pretty disgusting, especially the last execution.

I came home from that.

On the way home from the interview we saw a Valiant Chrysler and it was a Convertible.  It was huge and it would look good with some hydraulics in it.

I went to call Keith as soon as I ate some shit and he told me he was going to come around 4:15 pm after he drops off Tamsen.

Gym Routine

exerciseI went to the Gym in the meantime so here it is.

Warmup: This was done on the Bike for 2 minutes and doing 10 calories.  Stretching the Chest a bit and that’s about all that was done.
Chest: I got onto Cable Crossovers and put on 20 pounds each side and done 12 reps.  I then put the weight up to 30 pounds each side and done 15 more reps for warm-up.  This is my light day so I got onto Decline Dumbbell Press and put it on 40 pounders and done 12 reps with it.  I then put the weight up to 55 pounders and actually done 12 more reps.

I done a set of Bench Fly’s with 25 pounders doing 12 reps.

I then got onto Seated Machine Press and put on 110 pounds doing 12 reps.

I got onto Close Grip Benchpress with 40 pounders on it and done 12 reps.  I kept it on this weight and done 12 more reps slowly.

Lattisimus: I started on Lat Pushdowns and put it on 120 pounds and done 12 reps with normal grip.

I then  went to the wider Grip and done 12 more reps with the same weight.

Then I got onto Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns and put it on 40 pounds and done 12 easy reps.  Putting it up to 60 pounds I done 12 more reps.

I then got onto Seated Cable Rows and put it up to 60 pounds I think, and done 2 sets with that weight doing 12 reps each set.

Biceps: Three different exercises today starting off on Alternate Dumbell Curls with 25 pounders doing 12 reps.

Then I got onto Cable Curls and put it on 40 pounds to do 12 more reps.  Now it was time to do Cable Preacher Curls with 20 pounds and 12 reps.

Deltoids: I started on Lateral Raises and done 12 reps with 20 pounders.  I then got a 50 pound Barbell and done 12 reps on Upright Rows.  I then got a 40 pound Barbell and done 12 more reps.

I didn’t go into detail today because I’m buggered and couldn’t be bothered.

Cruise to Pizza Hut With Keith

Anyway, after that Keith came over.  We went out to Pizza Hut first where we saw Rory and went for a run with him for a bit.  Then we went to go see the Valiant that I liked.

After that we went to see Imad where he was working.  We talked to him for a bit and then we left for Campbelltown.

We went to Macers and got some ice cream cones and then I went home.

Hip Hop Group Not Contributing Rhymes

Now I’m here and no one called today, so I guess we aren’t getting together for our group shit.  It doesn’t really bother me, as long as we’re together on the weekend some time, maybe Sunday.

What really bothers me is that when I went to see Tatton about the disk and asked him if he’s used it yet, he said no.  That means he didn’t even go through it to add to it.  Now that really is a bum because I know that Jett would have at least gone through it once, and I am going to go through it tonight and try to add to it.

Hair In A Ponytail

I put my hair in a pony tail by myself today because it is almost long enough for me to wear it like that.  It wasn’t really hard to do it just with the right style and all.

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