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Mad Chaos: Sunday, September 22, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Today I had a good sleep but, a cold one at that.  I started the day with a bit of breakfast.  Since it was Sunday I got the paper and read it.  I was then ready to go down to the shops and go call Jett and Tatton.

Tatton And Jett Arrive For Session

I called Tatton first and told him to ring me back after I got home.  I then paged Jett and he didn’t call me until 2:00 pm.

Tatton called me back and I told him to come over anyway if Jett didn’t come.  Jett rang me at 2:00 pm.  Then Tatton called me about 1 minute after that.  They both came packed.

Jett did buy a microphone that was worth $50.  So now we each got a microphone to use and they are all autographed.

Seated On The Front Lawn Gutter

I got some seats from the back yard and pulled them out to the front.  At first there was only one seat.  Tatton came and he got another seat.  Then we sat the seats on the front lawn at the gutter.  We got an extra seat.  Then Mike came.  He sat down.  I didn’t expect him to come.

We got another seat for Jett.  He took about half an hour or more to come but he did come.  In the meantime we were just making conversation.

Fielding Internal Group Tension

I’m sorta in da middle of both of them because I’m friends of Tatton and Jett and they both say things about each other that aint much to worry about but it’s there.  Me myself, I don’t say anything about each of them, but I just agree to make the other one happy about what he said even if it might be true.

Group Hip Hop Session

We went inside and we mostly practiced rapping that we needed.  Jett let me borrow The Loony’s that I’m listening to now.  We also listened to my song that I made in my spare time.

It wasn’t a good day for rapping for me but for Jett it was okay because he came up with some good shit.  I had all the equipment out.

Mike Spruiks Kofi As Guest Rapper

After Tatton left at 6:30 pm we kept going a bit.  We came up with some rhymes but I wasn’t in the mood to rap them.  I think it was because Mike was there and because the day started too late.  He said he was going to come on Thursday.  He told me about Kofi Kariuki who we might get in to help us rap… something like a guest rapper.

Tension Over Group Dynamics

We’ve got enough songs to sing to now by ourselves.  Now all we need is some people to come out of the framework to help us out as guest appearances.  So out of the framework, people will come and we will get them to help us with our rhymes, but that’s what they will be doing… helping.

When everyone left, I had doubts about our work but I think that if I don’t do this, then I’m going to grow up not doing anything in my life except the ordinary.

At least I know I tried this occupation that I’ve always tried to get into, instead of just giving up too early.

By the way when we were rapping, Imad came over to give back the fishing rod.

Gym Session

I had time to go to the gym but the thing is that I didn’t have enough food to supply myself for the gym, so I didn’t go.  It didn’t go that good today, but it went pretty good.

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