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Mad Chaos: Saturday, September 7, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Writing Rap Lyrics

Today was an alright day again, with me being woken up a third day in a row by someone.  Today it was Jett again ringing me at 9:00 am in the morning from Caitlin’s somewhere.

I went to sleep a bit and then woke up.  I was starving for food since we don’t have any.  I got something to eat and then I went and had a shower.

Tatton was supposed to call me but he didn’t.  I was making raps, doing rap shit, and also sun-baking outside for a while.

Gym Routine

exerciseI did go to the gym today.  I almost forgot about it, so here it is.

Warmup: My warmup was on the bike and I done 2 minutes and without realizing it, I done 15 calories.  I then stretched my Chest out a lot because it wasn’t very flexible today and also my back was stretched a bit.
Chest: It’s good to workout again after a bit but today I was a bit sluggish and didn’t feel it good as I do.  I started on Cable Crossovers and with 20 pounds on each side, done 15 reps.

I then went over to Peck Deck and with 40 pounds done 15 more slow reps.  I then walked over to Bench Press and put on 80 pounds and done my first set of 12 reps after a warm-up.  It wasn’t that hard and it is only light day today so, I done it again with the same weight for 12 more reps.  It would be pointless to go up on the last set so I stayed and done 12 more reps.

I then moved to Smith Machine Incline Press and started on 40 pounds and took it to the neck for 12 reps.  I felt unstretched so I done some more stretching and then put the weight up to 60 pounds and done another 12 reps starting a sweat now.  I dropped to 50 pounds and done 12 more reps.

Lattisimus: I started on Hammer Grip Lat Pulldowns and with 70 pounds or so I done 15 reps.  I kept my body a bit straighter but I still arched my back and put it up to 90 pounds and done 12 more reps.  I then paused a bit and started again with that weight doing 12 more reps.

I then walked over to Machine Seated Cable rows and done 12 reps with 60 pounds.  I then increased the weight up to 80 pounds and done 12 more reps.

This is where I went to do One Arm Dumbell Rows and got 55 pounders and done 12 reps each hand lower to the ground and taking it to the hip and it was very good form.

Biceps: I started on Cable Preacher Curls and done 12 reps with 20 pounds and then, put the weight up to 30 pounds and done myself 12 more reps.  I then walked over to do Standing Barbell Curls and put my hands closer with a 50 pound fixed bar and done myself 12 reps with a lot of strain and a bit of cheating.
Deltoids: I went to the Machine Overhead Press and with 60 pounds on it done 12 reps.  I put it up to 70 pounds and done myself 12 more hard reps.  I then went over to do Dumbell Overhead Press and with 30 pounders done myself 10 reps before quitting and getting ready to leave.

I weighed just under 72 kilos today, so I’m back to where I started almost.  I know I can gain that back pretty quickly and I plan to do that.

Write Lyrics At Tatton’s House

Back to the lecture at hand… I went to Tatton’s house and we wrote a bit of lyrics and also fucked around a bit with the rapping.  Then after about an hour I went home.

Jett rang me up today again just double checking that he is coming down here tomorrow at 10:00 am.  Tatton is going to be here at 10:30 am or before that.

Imad Drives To Campbelltown

Imad drove over in his dad’s car which is soon to be his.  We drove to Campbelltown and saw Rory down there with Ingrid in the car and Palmer.  Rory’s party is supposed to be on now but, I’m not going simply because I don’t feel like going.

We went to Macers – as we thought they would – and just greeted them.  I saw Celeste and then we left.  He took me back home and he went to see Janice.

Planning Ahead

It’s time to get off now and do something else like clean up for tomorrow.

Tomorrow with Tatton and Jett over we are going to watch Murder Was The Case.  Then we are going to listen to the tape.  While we are listening to some Gangsta shit, we are going to then come up with some lyrics, and then rap.

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