East vs West

Mad Chaos: Saturday, September 21, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Level 18 Nightclub With Old Gang

Keith came over yesterday.  We went to Campbelltown around 10:30 pm and we met up with Aubree, Janice, Celeste, Palmer, Rory, William, Carey, Anxo, Kobi, and some others that came with us.

I went to Level 18 cause we were waiting for Tino to come out.  I was with William.  We walked around down there and there were a lot of people down there that I knew, including Clayton.  We saw some fights.

Then we ended up going to Hurley park where me and Keith didn’t stay for long.

Johnnie Helps Install Waterbed

Today I set up the bed.  We started around 12:00 pm where I went to Johnnie’s house and got the waterbed.  My dad picked it up.  Then we took it to mine, fit it up, then went to get some parts for it.

We got the parts, and then we came back and started to build it up.

Johnnie did most of the shit because he is the one that knows how to put the shit together.  A bit after that it was finished.  Then we filled it up with warm water.  The heater is on and it should be okay for me to sleep on it tonight.

While we were waiting I showed him my verses and sang some of them to the tape made up.  It sounded pretty good, and he was genuinely impressed.

I didn’t end up going to the gym today because it took too long to fix up the waterbed, so I’m going to try to go tomorrow before 12:00 pm.

Tatton Plans To Come Over

on is looking after Yazmin now because his parents went to a party and he is going to be at my house for a while.

I just paged Jett but he still hasn’t rang me back.  I am having doubts as to if he has the microphone.

Selling Porn To Buy Hip Hop Gear

I am now selling my 19 porn movies away for the price of $300 bucks so I can go and buy a double deck tape player that tapes to it with audio-in or the amplifier.  Whichever way, I am going to get both of them soon and before this year is finished.

Imad Borrows Fishing Rod

Imad came over just then and he was asking for a fishing rod that he could borrow.  I asked my dad and he lent him one for tonight.  He came with Ali who lost his Celica because it was stolen yesterday at about the same time I was waiting for Tino.

I told them about the deal and I’ve told Johnnie to try to find someone who wants the deal to go down their way.  Imad might be buying a system off Ali and it is pretty good.  He has a box of speakers put in the back.  It sounds pretty good and I’m going to go with him soon somewhere like to see Lake’s burial site.

Planning Ahead

The day is way from over so I’m going to lie in my new waterbed that Kathryn will like.  I am going to watch some TV.  Then, I am going to come up with some rhymes.

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