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Mad Chaos: Monday, September 2, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Domestic Fight With Brother

I just had a squabble with my brother just about 5 minutes ago.  I guess after a while, the repetitiveness that another person does to clash with your personality would start to get on your nerves.

This is the first fight that I’ve had with my brother for at least more than a year or so.  I can’t remember honestly when my last confrontation was with him.

The problem started when as usual I go upstairs to get something to eat and as usual he complimented me on my body, which was alright, but I don’t need my brother judging my body every time I go upstairs, otherwise I’d enter a competition.

Then it just built up from there, because as I expected, he took it too personally.  Then he came downstairs and gave me his two cent’s worth.

He doesn’t like it when I tell him to get off the phone because I got it but, I don’t like it when he gets on there after it has rung, then a minute later he gets on the phone probably checking to see if it was a prank.  That shit pisses me off too.

What Pisses Me Off

What also pisses me off is when he comes into my room – usually after he’s had a session – and my friends are there.  He comes in, checks himself out in the mirror, stops our conversation and then, when you’d expect him to go, he lies down and tells me his problems.  And he does it every single time!  That starts to piss you off after a while too, especially when he knows he’s pissing us off and then he still stays.

While we’re on the topic, I hate it when I’m coming home from the gym or from a friend’s house and my room lights are on.  That sometimes is my mum but usually it’s my brother playing around with the system.  Obviously he either hasn’t got common sense or he doesn’t respect me that much because something is always wrong when I come back home.  Either he goes out and leaves the radio on or he leaves CDs on the floor and out of order somehow.

My golden rule in my room is “leave my room as it was untouched”.  In other words, I don’t want to have my room different when I get back where I’ll have to fix it myself and it ain’t fun.  I don’t think bad of my brother.  It’s just his habits that have to change and he’ll have to change his defensive.

Keith And Tamsen Visit

Now onto what I done today, where I started at 10:30 am because Keith came over and wanted to borrow a calculator so Tamsen can use it for a test.  Why come to me for this shit?  Anyway, I gave it to him and then he went.  I then ate food.

Jett called me today but I had to go straight away because I was ready for the interview.

Job Interview

employmentI then went to the C.E.S to look for a respectable interview.  I found one and I had to go see it at 3:00 pm, but I rang up Keith, because by now he owes me lots.  I got the appointment changed to 1:30 pm and Keith dropped me off there.

I had the interview for 45 minutes or so.  It went pretty good, and I might have a job there.  If I do get one it will relieve some tension in my life for a bit.

He should be calling me tomorrow or the next day or obviously I don’t get a job but, he does have 2 positions going so I have double the chance.

After that I got Keith to give me a lift back home en-route 20 minutes at his house.

Gym Routine

exerciseI got home had something to eat and then I left for the gym.  I had a good workout today at the gym but near the end with doing too much weight, I went into over-training just a tad.

My routine is upper body one day and lower body the next four days a week.  So my body gets worked twice a week, but I have a light workout and then I’ll have a heavy workout.

Today it was my upper body’s heavy workout.  On Wednesday I’ll have a light workout for my lower body.


Warmup: I done 2 minutes on the bike and burnt 12 calories.  I then done stretches for my Chest and also for my back.
Chest: I started with Peck Deck’s and put it on 40 pounds and done 15 reps slow and strict.  I then went to Seated Machine Bench Press and put it up to 90 pounds and done 12 reps.

I then got onto Incline Press and started on 40 pounds and done 15 reps.  I then put the weight up to 120 pounds and I thought this would be heavy and I actually got a spotter and he spotted me O.K and I thought he was spotting me too much but I got 9 reps done.  I then saw that he wasn’t spotting me that much and I done the same weight and done 8 reps.  They weren’t really that hard but hard enough.

I then got onto Dips and started with no weight and my effort got me 8 reps.  I then got a 20 pounder and after a little rest I done 6 reps before konking out.  I then went to the helping version and put on 40 pounds and done 8 more reps.  I then got onto Seated Machine Bench Press again and put it on 150 pounds and done 8 reps with it.

Anyway, I went to do One arm Dumbbell Rows and started on a medium weight of 60 pounds.  60 pounds feels light now and I think I could bench Press 70 pounds easy now.  I am past my stale bit now and that’s cool.  I done 8 reps each hand with this weight and then I paused and got the 80 pounder.  I done 8 fairly easy reps but still hard with this weight and it made me sweat pretty good.

Lattisimus: I started with a warm-up on Lat Pushdown machine and put it on 120 pounds and done 15 reps.  I then went to do Straight arm pull-downs and put on 30 Kilo’s and done 15 more reps.

I then started heavy and got onto T-Bar rows and put it up to 120 pounds and done 8 reps.  I then had a rest and kept it at this weight and done another 8 reps.  I think that this is the thing that actually put me into a small state of Over-training.

Biceps: I allowed only 3 sets for this and started on Machine Preacher Curls and done 10 reps with 40 pounds.  I then went to do Barbell Curls and picked up a 70 pounder fixed bar and felt it was too light.

I worked up to 100 pounds and I tried that weight and couldn’t get a rep so I put it down for 90 pounds and I got 2 or 3 reps and dropped it.  I still really haven’t done my second set in theory but my Biceps were pumping.

I put it down to 80 pounds and done 6 lactic acid building reps.  I then went to Cable Curls and done 8 reps with 50 pounds.

Deltoids: I started on Dumbbell Overhead Press and with 25 pounders done 12 reps.  I then got onto a Barbell version and with 80 pounds on it I done 6 reps.  It was awkward so I didn’t finish it and went to Lateral Raises and with 20 pound dumbbells done 10 easy reps.

Oh yeah, I thought that August went for 30 days, so I got the first day wrong, and it really has changed the perception of the month.  I redone the date but I’m keeping the last day of August on this column because it’s easier.

Planning Ahead

Now I’m going to get out of the house for a while.  I will ring Jett and tell him to ring me tomorrow and sorry about today.  Then I’m going to see if Imad is at Dina’s and go see him and do our norm.

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