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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, August 20, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Tatton Comes Over

The day started off late.  I’m too shitty and can’t be bothered writing a long entry today so I’ll just say Tatton came over, and we did gym and other shit.

Tatton came over at 1:30 pm.  I ate a bit and then we went to the gym to train me, which I went stale and didn’t have a good workout.

Gym Routine

exerciseHere’s my workout.

Warm-up: I done stretching for the Chest and a bit for the Shoulders and Triceps.  I guess I can say that my muscles were too tense and I didn’t have a good workout because of it.
Chest: I started doing a set of Warm-ups on Incline Dumbbell Press and with 30 pounders done 30 reps.

I pushed myself to do the Chest within 12 minutes and I done it just over.  My next warm-up was with Pullovers and I done 15 reps with 35 pounds.

I then got onto Bench Press and put on 140 pounds and actually completed 8 reps with assistance from Tatton on the last rep or two.  I put the weight down to 120 pounds and done another 8 reps with the aid of Tatton on the last 3 reps.  This was the only thing in my chest workout that I think helped get lactic acid in there.  All the other shit just helped me get stale.

I then got onto the benches for some dumbbell presses but after trying 70 pounders and not being able to lift them once I dropped it and went to Seated Machine Press and put it on 160 pounds and done 8 reps assisting myself twice.

I then got onto Dips and at first put 40 pounds between my Legs but couldn’t do it and substituted it for 20 pounds and done 6 reps.

Hamstrings: These were still aching from my last workout and I started on Seated Leg Curls and with 100 pounds done 30 reps.  I also done these sets within 8 minutes.

I then got onto Standing Leg Curl and done 12 reps each Leg with 10 pounds and it ached a lot.  Then came some serious shit and I went to the Olympic Bars and put on about 120 pounds or more ( it was actually 70 Kilos or around that), and I done 8 reps of Straight Leg Deadlift and they were so taxing I had to re-grip twice.

I stayed on that weight and done another 8 reps and my Lower back was aching.

Abdominals: Was a bit simpler starting with 30 Crunches followed by 15 Low Ab crunches for warm-ups.

I then got a 40 pound Dumbbell and done 8 reps slowly and controlled.

I then paused and went a little faster to finish off the day with 15 reps and doing Abs within 6 minutes.

Today I weighed 74.6 kilos.  Tomorrow I’m going to go back onto my caloric plan because I have enough food for it now.

After that we came back here.

Keith Visits

Keith came down and gave Tatton his CD back.  We got a lift to Campbelltown.

Campbelltown With Tatton

Me and Tatton went to get my protein supplement called “Perfect Protein”, which is made of whey protein.  You have to have an acquired taste to it because it has a taste of its own.

Tatton went home and I walked that and some chicken I brought home.

Visited Nina

Then I went to get some movies from Airds and at it I saw Nina.  She didn’t really say much about Kathryn but enough to assure me she is going to write back to me.

I want to relax now and have some turkey and chicken I bought and watch some movies.

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow I might not train depending on how my Legs feel and also my triceps.  I might postpone it until Thursday and then lay off until Monday where I start a new routine.

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