Mad Chaos: Saturday, August 3, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Today wasn’t that fun of a day.  It’s only the third day of the month and most of it hasn’t been good.  The only good thing is how I saw that girl that used to hang out with Simon and used to wear a beanie (whose name is Angel).

I firstly got woken up around 10:30 am by Brodie at the door but my dad answered and I stayed asleep until 12:00 pm.

I got up and had a bit of a breakfast.  Then I fucked around for a while.

Domestic Fight With Dad

I had a fight with my dad today because the music I listened to had swearing in it.  The only thing he can say when he gets into a heated situation is “Move out if you don’t like it.”  Well, of course he can say that but that’s the easy solution for a dad who doesn’t give a shit.

After that I pissed off from the house and went around to see Brodie but he wasn’t home so, I rode to Dina’s house to see if Imad was there.  Imad wasn’t there so I rode to Campbelltown to see if anyone was down there.

Bump Into Angel

The first person I saw was Angel.

I stopped and turned around when she said hello, so as not to be a snob.  We talked for a bit and then I headed off again.

I went to see if Bình was in the shop but he wasn’t so I rode around a bit more.

Looking For Jett

There wasn’t anyone down at Campbelltown, so I went up to Macarthur Square.  I looked for Jett at his house.  He wasn’t home.  His dad said he was down at the Square so I checked it out.

I went into Macarthur Square with my bike and got escorted out for having a bike. Then I found Jett down in the Bowling Alley having a game with Tod Delroy (the one who rides BMX bikes).  Jett is probably hanging around him because he has a new car and a good system.  I just said hello to him and told him I’d see him later today, and then left.

Bump Into Angel

I headed back down to Campbelltown.  I went to see Bình and he wasn’t there again but I saw Angel again.  I didn’t even notice her but there she was, on the steps of the CES.  I went and sat down next to her and had a talk again.  We kind of got along.  Me and her brother got along pretty good too.  He goes for Brisbane Broncos and so do I.

I walked her down to the station.  She was going home to watch the game with Wests and Canberra.  I walked her to the train and we talked for a bit more.  Then when it was time to go, she asked me for a hug and I gave her one.

She told me where she lives and I told her I might go down to see her one day.  That day will be tomorrow when I am going on my 60 Km Trip towards Liverpool or somewhere along those Lines.

Gym Routine

exerciseI went to the Gym today but I only had about 25 minutes to do my workout.  I knew that I could not do it in that time.  I also didn’t have a warm-up because it would take too long.  Here is my routine.

Biceps: I started with a warm-up set on Cable Preacher Curls and I done it with 20 pounds and done it for 15 reps.

I then went to Standing Cable Curls and done 15 reps with 30 pounds.  I was thinking of doing Long sets and I did.  I went and got an 80 pound fixed bar and done 8 reps doing Barbell Curls.  I didn’t even know it was 80 pounds and I handled 6 reps and then the last two were half cheat.

My next set was with 70 pounds and I done another 8 reps.  I didn’t have much rest in-between sets and my next set was with 60 pounds and I done 8 more reps.

My last set was with 60 pounds again but this time with my grip close together doing 8 more reps.

I then went and done some Alternate Dumbbell Curls with 15 pounders and done 30 reps for my Endurance set.  I done half hammer curls and half normal curls and that gave a good burn.

Triceps: I only had enough time to do 3 sets for this body part but hopefully it is enough.

I started on overhead Dumbbell Tricep Extensions and done a set of 40 reps with 20 pounds.  I then Jumped onto the Tricep Pushdowns and with 50 pounds done myself 8 reps.  I put the weight up to 65 pounds (which is really in Kilo’s.

All in all, it is about 145 Pounds), I done 8 more reps and then that was it for the Triceps and the session cause of bad timing and no time.

I had myself a sports drink and that kept me over for a bit, and it was good.  It was a pretty good workout considering that I also worked my legs today by doing around 20 Km all over.

I weighed 72.5 Kilos when I went to the gym and I will weigh a bit more tomorrow as I have had a good square of meals today.

Visited Brodie

Then I went to see Brodie.

I stayed at Brodie’s house a bit.  He was on the phone to William and then, Shawn and Ned.  I talked to all of them.  Right now, there is a party on at Palmer’s house.

All of the girls came over to his house and some of the guys.  I kind of felt out of place being there because I had an argument with Janice and I hadn’t been out for a while with them.  I didn’t want to be there but I was, and I made the best of it.

Tarina talked to me and so did Celeste, Harley and Brodie’s sister.  The only ones I didn’t talk to were Janice and Aubree.

They left to go to the party.  I walked with all the guys to the doorstep of Mia’s house where they were throwing the 18th for Palmer.

After I went to see If Imad was home (at Dina’s which he wasn’t).

Pizza Hut With Simon

Then I went to Campbelltown and checked Pizza hut to see if Simon was there, and he was.  I went to see if he knew Angel’s name but I didn’t make it obvious.

We started the conversation on the party and then we popped onto Angel.

I then saw a guy that works there.  I saw him at the party that was on at Ingleburn R.S.L club.  He was Indian or some black heritage.  His name escapes me now but he is a pretty sick puppy.  We talked for a while and then I left to go home.

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow is my 60 Km bike ride and I am planning it now.

Author: 钨宝

The author of Diary Of A Mad Chaos from 1996 to 2018, The Lost Years book, Wubao In China (猎艳奇缘) book series, and Foreigner (华人) an exploration of race relations in Australia. Fluent in Chinese Mandarin, Macedonian, and English, the author currently resides in China, Guangzhou where he continues to make comparative analysis of the cultural differences between Eastern and Western societies.

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