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Mad Chaos: Saturday, August 3, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Today wasn’t that fun of a day.  It’s only the third day of the month and most of it hasn’t been good.  The only good thing is how I saw that girl that used to hang out with Simon and used to wear a beanie (whose name is Angel).

I firstly got woken up around 10:30 am by Brodie at the door but my dad answered and I stayed asleep until 12:00 pm.

I got up and had a bit of a breakfast.  Then I fucked around for a while.

Domestic Fight With Dad

I had a fight with my dad today because the music I listened to had swearing in it.  The only thing he can say when he gets into a heated situation is “Move out if you don’t like it.”  Well, of course he can say that but that’s the easy solution for a dad who doesn’t give a shit.

After that I pissed off from the house and went around to see Brodie but he wasn’t home so, I rode to Dina’s house to see if Imad was there.  Imad wasn’t there so I rode to Campbelltown to see if anyone was down there.

Bump Into Angel

The first person I saw was Angel.

I stopped and turned around when she said hello, so as not to be a snob.  We talked for a bit and then I headed off again.

I went to see if Bình was in the shop but he wasn’t so I rode around a bit more.

Looking For Jett

There wasn’t anyone down at Campbelltown, so I went up to Macarthur Square.  I looked for Jett at his house.  He wasn’t home.  His dad said he was down at the Square so I checked it out.

I went into Macarthur Square with my bike and got escorted out for having a bike. Then I found Jett down in the Bowling Alley having a game with Tod Delroy (the one who rides BMX bikes).  Jett is probably hanging around him because he has a new car and a good system.  I just said hello to him and told him I’d see him later today, and then left.

Bump Into Angel

I headed back down to Campbelltown.  I went to see Bình and he wasn’t there again but I saw Angel again.  I didn’t even notice her but there she was, on the steps of the CES.  I went and sat down next to her and had a talk again.  We kind of got along.  Me and her brother got along pretty good too.  He goes for Brisbane Broncos and so do I.

I walked her down to the station.  She was going home to watch the game with Wests and Canberra.  I walked her to the train and we talked for a bit more.  Then when it was time to go, she asked me for a hug and I gave her one.

She told me where she lives and I told her I might go down to see her one day.  That day will be tomorrow when I am going on my 60 Km Trip towards Liverpool or somewhere along those Lines.

Gym Routine

exerciseI went to the Gym today but I only had about 25 minutes to do my workout.  I knew that I could not do it in that time.  I also didn’t have a warm-up because it would take too long.  Here is my routine.

Biceps: I started with a warm-up set on Cable Preacher Curls and I done it with 20 pounds and done it for 15 reps.

I then went to Standing Cable Curls and done 15 reps with 30 pounds.  I was thinking of doing Long sets and I did.  I went and got an 80 pound fixed bar and done 8 reps doing Barbell Curls.  I didn’t even know it was 80 pounds and I handled 6 reps and then the last two were half cheat.

My next set was with 70 pounds and I done another 8 reps.  I didn’t have much rest in-between sets and my next set was with 60 pounds and I done 8 more reps.

My last set was with 60 pounds again but this time with my grip close together doing 8 more reps.

I then went and done some Alternate Dumbbell Curls with 15 pounders and done 30 reps for my Endurance set.  I done half hammer curls and half normal curls and that gave a good burn.

Triceps: I only had enough time to do 3 sets for this body part but hopefully it is enough.

I started on overhead Dumbbell Tricep Extensions and done a set of 40 reps with 20 pounds.  I then Jumped onto the Tricep Pushdowns and with 50 pounds done myself 8 reps.  I put the weight up to 65 pounds (which is really in Kilo’s.

All in all, it is about 145 Pounds), I done 8 more reps and then that was it for the Triceps and the session cause of bad timing and no time.

I had myself a sports drink and that kept me over for a bit, and it was good.  It was a pretty good workout considering that I also worked my legs today by doing around 20 Km all over.

I weighed 72.5 Kilos when I went to the gym and I will weigh a bit more tomorrow as I have had a good square of meals today.

Visited Brodie

Then I went to see Brodie.

I stayed at Brodie’s house a bit.  He was on the phone to William and then, Shawn and Ned.  I talked to all of them.  Right now, there is a party on at Palmer’s house.

All of the girls came over to his house and some of the guys.  I kind of felt out of place being there because I had an argument with Janice and I hadn’t been out for a while with them.  I didn’t want to be there but I was, and I made the best of it.

Tarina talked to me and so did Celeste, Harley and Brodie’s sister.  The only ones I didn’t talk to were Janice and Aubree.

They left to go to the party.  I walked with all the guys to the doorstep of Mia’s house where they were throwing the 18th for Palmer.

After I went to see If Imad was home (at Dina’s which he wasn’t).

Pizza Hut With Simon

Then I went to Campbelltown and checked Pizza hut to see if Simon was there, and he was.  I went to see if he knew Angel’s name but I didn’t make it obvious.

We started the conversation on the party and then we popped onto Angel.

I then saw a guy that works there.  I saw him at the party that was on at Ingleburn R.S.L club.  He was Indian or some black heritage.  His name escapes me now but he is a pretty sick puppy.  We talked for a while and then I left to go home.

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow is my 60 Km bike ride and I am planning it now.

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