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Mad Chaos: Friday, August 9, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Job Interview At Kingsgrove

employmentMy day started off at 6:30 am in the morning to for the job interview at Kingsgrove.  I went for it and it was right next to Allen Calendars where I applied before.

The interview lasted for 50 minutes and went alright.  I was tested on the computer and shown the grounds of the factory.

I didn’t speak much with the main man and didn’t seem like I impressed him.  I don’t know what will happen but I have a feeling it’s a no go.

After that I rode home, had something to eat, and went back down to Campbelltown.

Reserved Music CD

I went to look first for the CD and tried many stores and searched far but found one at Chandlers in the mall.  I’m very lucky to have found one because they are old and the CD has been deleted off the stocks.  I got it reserved for tomorrow.

Purchasing Gifts For Kathryn

I also went to look at Birthday cards and found three funny ones.  Then I have to get her those 3 photos.  All the photos I’m getting developed are coming back on Saturday.  Altogether I’m spending around $50 on her.

I love the idea of spending money on her and I love the idea of thinking of her when she reads the letters.  Making Kathryn happy makes me happy.

Return Home

I then came home and was going to go back to look for a bandana at Macarthur Square but went home.

Imad Wants To Borrow Video Player

Imad then called me.

After a talk he wanted to borrow the video player tonight and I said yeah.  What can I say, he’s my best friend and I wouldn’t do it for anyone else.

Visit The CES

I decided to go back to Campbelltown because Imad was going to be there.

I saw Banner and all the others down Campbelltown.

I also went to the CES.  But when I saw the staff in the CES I got disappointed.

McDonalds With Imad

On the way back towards home, I saw first Hudson and then Imad almost at the same time.

We walked down to Macers and I got a free Ice Cream Cone.  Then we split up.

Visit Bình

Me and Hudson went to see Bình.

We saw Bình for a bit and I asked him about kick boxing because he wanted me to go with him.  I agreed to go to kick boxing tomorrow with him, Shawn, Leroy and Noah.  I don’t think I will be able to support it financially and I don’t think the gym will allow me but I’ll try.

Tomorrow is yet another big day again.  The last 3 or so days have been pretty hectic for me.  I’ve been going to lots of places.  Tomorrow is my Chest day and I’m going to kill it.  I’m going to get up earlier than usual and go down early and get all the stuff I need.

Visit Tatton

Walking home with Hudson, I also went to Tatton’s house.  I dropped in and he has a Mobile Phone now for the house.  They didn’t want a normal phone because local calls are not for their area with Optus yet and they don’t want to pay 30 cents for local calls.

Instead they forked out $700 for a phone on an 18-month plan and they have to pay $1.20 for Peak Time and $0.20 for Off Peak every minute.  Now that’s stupid because with Optus’s 20 cent rate, you would probably have to pay a connection fee around 7 cents per call.

We went to Campbelltown and I looked around the Mall for a Bandanna.  I found some for $5 and I am going to get some tomorrow.

Catch Up With Imad And Brodie

When I got home I got Imad on the way to my house.  We saw Brodie in his car.  He offered us a lift and I raced them to my house.

We went in my room and we had a hearty discussion.  Then I gave Imad my video for the night and Brodie gave him a lift to Dina’s house.

That was my peace time.  I ate the food that we bought for the rest of the week.

Write Letter To Kathryn

Today was a very emotional day for me during the ending stages of the day, because of me writing my letter for Kathryn and also a good social day with me seeing a lot of people down Campbelltown.

The previous letters to Kathryn that I wrote weren’t me.  I felt even after I redone the letter on the computer it wasn’t right.

I then just decided to write her a letter tonight because I went to the Mall today and everywhere looking for the right stuff to give her.

Kathryn Is My First Love

I spent around 2 hours writing 8 pages of writing to Kathryn.  I can’t believe the feeling I have for this woman.  I haven’t felt this before for no one.  Just the thought of her makes my body flush with blood.

I just reminisced about old times and thought a lot about her.  I haven’t done that for anyone before and that leads me to say that she is my “First Love”.

Love, Not Lust

Now lots of people know me but Imad knows me best and he knows that I use the word love sparingly.  I don’t use it like Keith or Tatton saying they love someone when (like Keith) they go out with everyone and “loves” them all the same way.

Come on mate!

It isn’t that easy and you’re just experiencing lust and like, not LOVE!

Will Not Let Her Go A Second Time

Imad knows me and knows I don’t say I love someone unless I meant it.  I do not say it with Kathryn yet but I have a feeling.  It isn’t “lust” because I can go without getting into bed with her and it is “like” a bit because I like seeing her face and beautiful everything.

What I can’t go without is her gentle touch, the way she talks to me and no one else, her beautiful face, body, eyes, mouth, hands, LEGS!  The way I could just touch her and caress her and she would feel the same way and know what I wanted all the time, the way we were together on dark nights just looking up at the stars and just dreaming… together.

I’m wrong, it might be love, but whatever it is, I want to experience it once again pretty quickly and this time I don’t want to let her go.

Now I’m listening to some more “Mariah Carey” “One Sweet Day”.

I’m going to have some eggs now and go to sleep.


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