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Mad Chaos: Friday, August 16, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Bike Ride With Brother

exerciseI woke up at 10:30 am.  Then me and my brother went for that bike ride to see how close our speedos were.

Recuperate And Read Muscle Magazines

I then had a meal and read up on muscle mags for some answers to questions.  My chest flared out today because of some extra shit I put into it.

Gym Routine

exerciseToday was a good day to train.  The thing is that I was going stale from doing the same kind of movements all the time, so I rearranged some movements for the chest.  It’s going to be a while until I can actually dumbbell bench press 80 pounders for 8 reps.

Warm-up: Today I actually did some extensive warming up doing 1 and a half minutes on the bike and burning 8 calories.

I then done lots of stretching for my Chest to try and loosen it up.

Chest: I started by doing a warm-up set of Pullovers with a 30 pound Dumbbell and done 30 reps.

I then got up and got on Incline Press with 60 pounds on the bar and done 15 more reps.  I then started my heavy sets and started with 80 pounders for Dumbbell Bench Press.  I should have warmed up somehow more but I began and only got out 2 reps before quitting.  I then thought of putting the weight down and put it down to 70 pounders and done 6 reps with it and they were hard.

I thought that was a waste of time to follow my routine so I got onto Machine Seated Bench Press and put on a record 150 pounds and my muscles were flaring in my Chest profusely on this set.  I done 8 reps and this was the best resulting and the hardest set for my Chest.

I then got onto Peck Deck and put the weight up to 90 pounds and done 10 reps mostly with my hands straight and squeezing at the contraction.  I then put the weight down to 60 pounds and done another 8 reps.

I then jumped on Incline Press again and this time I put on 120 pounds and done 7 reps.

I spotted this Maorie guy that I knew from Feelin Fit and then he spotted me for a set on Incline Press again with the same weight for 7 more reps.

I then did a long set on Dumbbell Bench Press and started with 70 pounders but couldn’t even get a rep out so I dropped them for 60 pounders and done one rep and paused.

I then took 5 deep breaths and commenced to do 1 more rep and stopped again.  I took some more deep breaths and then done another reps.  I kept at it and then around the 6th rep I was really at it and sweating, shaking and heavily breathing so I dropped the weight to 55 pounders and done about 6 more reps doing some on the Incline Press.

That was the last thing I did for the Chest and I was aching and still am now.

Triceps: I warmed up with Overhead Dumbbell Press and with 30 pounds I done 30 strict hard reps.  I then paused a bit and went to do 15 reps on Close Grip Bench Presses with 60 pounds fixed.

I then started and went to Tricep Pushdowns and put it up to 60 Kilo’s and done 8 reps.  I then put the weight down to 55 Kilo and I had a brief pause and done another 8 reps.

Triceps were already aching from the Chest so I didn’t work it that hard.

Abdominals: I warmed up with 30 reps on the Crunches giving me a burn.  I then done some side bends with 40 pounders in each hand and  doing 15 reps each side.

I then went back to the Crunches and done 2 sets with a 40 pound Dumbbell on my Chest.  My first set was doing 10 reps with nothing special and then, on my last set when I went up, I crunched my Abs and that gave me a super contraction doing 8 reps for that set.  I tried doing reps with no weight but I couldn’t get any out.

I now weigh 73.2 kilos.  By tomorrow I’ll weigh some more.

Tomorrow is my leg day and I’m going to go good with my Leg Press.  I might rearrange a bit too so I can get out of the stale mode.

Prepare For Solarium

I am feeling tired right now but I have to go to the Solarium in Campbelltown for my tan.  I’ve got 15 minutes to get there for my appointment, so I’m going to write my dietary plan when I come back.


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