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1996 Meal Plan 020

Mad Chaos: Wednesday, July 31, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Celebrating Abstinence From Social Group

Today is the last day of the month.  To review the month at hand, I can just say that I have been more relaxed after the chaos earlier this month has brought me with the bad cookies of the group.

It has been around 10 days since I have gone out with the group and I consider that an accomplishment because I do not need them and I am better off going to the gym and concentrating on the things I really need to do in life.

I’m hoping that there will be job prospects lined up for me in the coming month but I can only hope for it.

Review Bodybuilding In 1993

Gains In 1993

I’m just going over some of the facts that I used to have in 1993 when my bodybuilding career took off.

I was only 55kg to start off with.  Within 3 years I have put on 17 Kg and maybe 40 pounds to my frame.

My heart rate dropped from a regular 69 beats down to about 61 beats a minute.  Right now it is 69 beats per minute but that is only because I have eaten a big meal and my metabolism is picking up.

Gains In 1994

Back in 1994, I was very interested in my biorhythms and still am a bit but not that much as to look it up.

Around the end of April 1994 and heading into May 1994, I began a new type of training.  It evolved greatly from then on.

This is where I actually started documenting how much weight I had done for my highest weight in that exercise.

My Bench Press has gone from a warmup weight of 80 pounds (which was my heavy set then), to double that for my heavy set being 160 pounds.

I have always thought that my arms lacked width and size and I have proved that to be with my arms lagging behind years back with the rest of my body in proportion and I done reasonably the same amount of weight if not 10 pounds smaller than usual.  Not much of an increase in my arms and now I am more eager to excel in the weight for my biceps, which means a lot of study into that body-part.

Near the end of 1994 I slacked off from a very good-looking start to bodybuilding.

Gains In 1995

In 1995 I quit bodybuilding after a stream of overtraining and bad luck.  I quit in the middle of March and didn’t pick back up until early this year – which would be about February or March 1993.

The Birth Of The Diary

Where, out of a freak idea one late night, I thought of an idea to use a Diary on my computer.  And off I went in another one of my inventions.  This time it was actually finished, and here I am.

I have to admit that I didn’t work out for about 6-8 weeks because I was off the Jobsearch Allowance.  So you could say I have been working out constantly for 3-or-so months this year.  Already I have gained good muscle after a long layoff last year.

The Gym-Diary Combination

The good thing about this computer system is that I have a lot more space to write about my workouts.

Now I have accomplished writing about my workout in details never before been able to be done.  I now document the workout specifically telling how much weight I done, how much sets and reps, how long it took me and the benefits that gave me.

I have now gotten a complex about my workouts but in my mind, they are relatively easy to accomplish.

Gains In 1996

My Biceps girth last year last measured was 12 inches and 7/8ths.  Now it is 13 ½ inches.  That is pretty much an improvement.  Including I used to weigh 64 Kilos in my prime.

Also now, I have cut out bad foods and ate more quality foods and have increased my Caloric intake very greatly per day from about 3200 calories to around 4300 calories a day and getting around 5000 calories lately.

I feel like I have been doing gym for about 6 months but in reality it has only been constant for about 2 months.

I have a feeling that I am going to be motivated to train all the time from now except for when I do not have money to train.

Passionate For Gym

This month has been a good turn around in the gym.  I have been training now for over 2 months straight with no break.  I was getting tired and felt overtrained early this month but I’m over that now.  I can’t wait to get into the gym and increase weights and size.

This month brought up a lot of endurance events and lots more sports in my life with me now doing Gym, Bicycle Riding, Boxing, Swimming and leisure recreation is Sauna, Spa and soon to come, the Solarium.

Meal Plan (20)

I have been eating good lately and hope to break the 73 Kilo epidemic I have had lately.

I did have a good Diet Plan today and weighted in 5000 calories with 500g of Protein.  That there in itself is half a kilo if it was all put into my body for good use.  Then you need to consider the fat intake from Fat and Carbohydrates turning into fat.

Now I’m going to give you my Dietary Planning for today but it will be misleading a bit because I did have some extra Yogurt and a bit of Oak Milkshake when I went to William’s.  The Yogurt was 203 calories so it should put me over 5000 calories.

My last meal was the hardest to digest.

Meal One: Sportsplus Cereal, Mango Yogurt (300g), 1 banana, Multivitamin tablet.
Meal Two: Braised Steak and Vegetables, 1 Banana, 2 peanut Butter sandwiches, Apple Juice.
Meal Three: Spaghetti (200g), 200g fish Fillets, Orange Juice.
Meal Four: 2 Tuna Sandwiches, 1 Litre Milkshake.
Meal Five: 500g Chicken, 8 egg Whites, Vitamin C tablet.


Calories: 4793
Protein: 511.3 43.7%
Fat: 93.8 18.2%
Carbohydrates: 486.5 38.1%

I also have to note that I split up the litre of Milkshake that I had into the Fourth and Fifth meals.

Morning Routine

I think it is time now to talk about what happened today from the beginning.

I started by getting woken up (which is becoming a trend again since the destruction of the group), by William Wishmonger at 11:30 am today.  I woke up and had my breakfast.

Bodishop Gym With William

I then we went to the Bodishop where he trained his Biceps, Triceps, Forearms and Calves.

I then went upstairs and hammered out a couple of punches into the boxing bags and then we left.

I went home to eat my second meal.

Pools With William

exerciseWilliam was coming over so we could both go to the pools together.  He came over.  Then he jogged down while I rode the bike down to the pools.

We played out 20 laps down there.

The first ten laps were done in 15 minutes and William is a pretty good swimmer.  He can do a lap within 15 seconds at his best and my best is around 23 seconds.

After our first ten we spent 20 minutes in the Spa.

Then we trekked back to do 10 more laps and they were done in 20 minutes this time and we went back into the spa for 15 minutes.

We stayed for about an hour and a half.

Bumping Into An Ex Teacher

On our way out we saw Jewell Reilly, one of our teachers at school.  We had a good old chat to her.  I must admit she looked pretty good in what she was wearing.  I would like to see her swimming some time in the future.  She does swim in the summer so I might have to go for gold.

Visit Johnnie Roscoe

After swimming we went to Johnnie Roscoe’s house and had a chat to him for a while.  I found out some interesting facts.

William agreed to come pick me up on Friday to go to the gym again.  I will be boxing again.  I will be going swimming with him again and maybe with Tatton or Imad.

After that, William and I parted our ways.

Planning Ahead

When I came home nothing interesting happened except that I shaved my legs again.  With the moisturizer I put on it diminished the rashes I get.

On Friday I might go see Pari at Feelin Fit if I get the chance to.  For the new month I will definitely try to get BIGGER.

I haven’t gotten the movie `Murder was the Case’ back from Bình yet.  Jett will need it soon and I will be needing my CDs soon too.

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