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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, July 30, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

I learnt some things today but I just can’t think of them at the moment.  While I think, let me tell you how the second last day of the month unfolded.

In addition, I have to say that for this month I have grown in weight and size a considerable amount.

Discuss Moving Out With Imad

I woke up today at 12:00 pm because Imad was at the door and I let him in.  We had the usual old chats and he stayed for the usual long time.

But what was unusual about today is we discussed about me and Imad moving in together in the near future.  We didn’t really have our hearts set on it and it was only talk but I can see it happening.

The thing is, I want it to be between January 18th of next year and March 16th of next year between each other’s birthdays.  Maybe on February the 17th or around there.

Shopping With Parents

Imad left when me and the oldies went shopping and we had the same old bickering and disputes that you get when shopping with a mum.

We came home.  I was getting ready to go to the Gym, eating my Carbs and other food, when I started reading Joe Weider’s big book.

Adopting Joe Weider Exercise Principles

I was thinking in my head that I should do a new routine consisting of doing each body-part within 4 days of last workout and doing 2 days for upper body and one for lower body and one day of rest and starting over.  It would consist of me going to the Gym 5 times a week and resting only twice a week.

Also on my mind was a routine where I do a compound set for a major body-part with the most weight I could possibly do for a count of 6-8 reps for 6 sets straight.  I tried that out today on Leg Press and I got some dramatic results.

Warmup: I found out that to gain a pound (450g) of bodyweight I had to consume enough calories to counter for the calories I lost through the day and another 4186 calories on top of that.  That is only half a kilo gained and that’s about 5500 calories all up to eat.  So I toned down on my Cycling to concentrate more on the object at hand and done 3 minutes and 20 calories.

I then went to do my 2 warmup sets and then I done some stretching for the Quads, and Hams.

Quadriceps: I started my warm-ups on Leg Extensions and with 40 pounds done myself 15 reps stopping at the top for a pause.

I then went to sissy Squats and with no weight I done 15 more reps not stopping at the top and letting my legs burn to the max.  I tried another technique that’s not really old.  I tried to stay within 30-60 seconds within all my lifts for the legs and, finishing within 25 minutes for the Quads with 10 sets it took me just a bit over to reach my peak.

My first real hard set was with Leg Press and I loaded the sucker up with 280 pounds.  My first set was with normal stance and I Pounded out 8 slow but exhilarating reps.  I wasn’t stimulated enough from that first 8 reps so I tried again with the same weight and this time I got up to 8 reps again but, the last 2 or three were very intense.  For my third set I decided to stay on the same weight still even though I would be fucked and, after a minute of rest I pounded out 5 reps then, on the sixth rep I got half way and I was pushing for all I was worth but, I just could not budge it and It came down.

I waited for about 1 minute and then attempted to lift it up for one more rep but, I had to use my hands to hold my legs and get the weight up.  I was fucked now but I was trying a new routine style out and I put the weight down to 240 pounds.  I put my legs very close together and I commenced and done 8 reps really feeling pain at the end of the set.

I won’t lie to you when I say this but steam was coming off my face and body as to say my body was boiling out water through my skin.  All of my breathing came out condensed and foggy, I couldn’t believe it.

My next set was with the same weight and this time I had my legs as far up the plate as they could go and this time I performed 8 more reps fairly hard coming.  I then walked over to the Smith Machine to do Squats on it and loaded it with 40 pounds for my Endurance set.  I started off pretty good and was up to 20 reps and then I slowed down a bit to get rid of some Lactic acid and commenced a bit faster to do 10 more reps.  I got to 30 reps and then put my feet close together and done 10 more reps exerting to pain.

James came out and had a talk to me about this time and it was alright because it was the end of my Quads so I could have a rest.  We talked for about 5 and I told him to come back when I had finished my workout and he agreed.

Hamstrings: I started with Lying Leg Curls because other things were taken up.  I started on 20 pounds and done 15 reps warmup and then done some stretching.  I then got up to 30 pounds and done 15 more reps followed by stretches.  I did one more set and done 8 reps with 90 pounds.

I saw my next exercise was already taken for a while so I decided to try and do Stiff Leg Dead Lifts and my Start weight was 100 pounds off the rack.  I did myself 8 fairly easy reps going down to the point where I could feel the Hamstrings stretching.

My next set was with 120 pound and my lower back was aching and I loved it.  I pushed on to do another 8 reps and I felt it more in my lower back.

I then went onto Seated Leg Curls and done 8 reps with 180 pounds and 8 reps with 190 pounds and then I done 60 reps with 60 pounds on it.

Abdominals: I only did 5 sets for this because James came back on my first set.  I started with 120 pounds on Machine Ab Crunches and done 60 reps with it.

I then went over to do Crunches and done 45 reps with no weight and lots of Lactic acid.  I had a bit of a break and then done 35 more reps with no weight.

I then done 2 sets of Cable Side Crunches and started on 35 pounds and done 10 reps each side.  I stayed on the same weight and then I went on to do 15 more reps each side.

Warm-down: I warmed down with 2 minutes and 12 calories and then I went to see James.  We talked for a bit about boxing at his Gym and then we played a little basketball and I left half an hour later.

Post-Workout Aches

My legs were aching through the workout today and they will definitely ache tomorrow.  It has been a while since my Quads have ached but, last session they ached after workout and I have a feeling that they will ache tomorrow.

Right now my Lats hurt and my Obliques and Serratus Anterior.  In addition, my Biceps and my wrist muscles near the Biceps.  Triceps hurt a bit and Calves were aching earlier on but not too badly.  Chest is healed now and I can’t wait to bomb it on Thursday.

My Biceps used to be 13.2 Inches and now they are 13.6 Inches big.  My weight is probably still 72 Kilos or lower but I want to get it past the 73 Kilo mark.

I am now about to enjoy a bowl of Spaghetti, some Thai food (frozen), and 6 eggs.  I’ve been upstairs cooking for a while between writings and now it is 10:08 pm.

Planning Ahead

I’m going to try to go to sleep before 12:00 pm tonight and get a good night’s sleep for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my rest day and I will try to consume up to 5000 calories of food.

Also tomorrow, I have to go to the pools and do 20 laps and have a spa.  I am probably also going to go to the Gym with William and I am going to spot him and guide him and have a spar on the Boxing bags and do some Kick Boxing.

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