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Mad Chaos: Thursday, July 18, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Meal Plan

Before I move onto today, last night’s Dietary Plan was a success.  I am to write it out now.

Meal One: Pancakes & Custard, 200g Yogurt, Orange Juice, Vitamin C.
Meal Two: LE snack, Lean meat pie, Spaghetti, Vitamin C, Multivitamin.
Meal Three: 700 g Chicken, 2 Tuna Sandwiches, Orange Juice, Vitamin C.
Meal Four: 5 eggs, 500 ml Milkshake, Salada Crispbread (4 pieces)

Calorie Plan

Calories: 4013.3
Protein: 372.5 37.1%
Fat: 87.1 19.5%
Carbohydrates: 434.4 43.3%

I have one dietary plan going today but I can’t write it yet because it hasn’t been done yet.

Visit Imad

Today I woke up early at 8:30 am because Imad ‘s mum rang me up asking me if I could go down to Dina’s house and see Imad because work was asking about him.  I did it and Imad was there.

So, me and him went to the shops to make a phone call.  He made up a bullshit story and they asked him to work at 10:00 am.  He said yeah.

I came home after that and slept until 11:30 am.  Then I got up and had something to eat.

Visit Jett

Jett rang me up.  I went over to his house and dropped off 2 CDs for him to copy.

After that I went down to Campbelltown and saw Keith down there before going to Feelin Fit.

Feelin Fit Gym

I saw Pari at Feelin Fit.  While I spotted him, we had a discussion about going to Homebush Olympic Center and doing weights there.  I have it planned that when we go down I will be taking $20 to have a Spa and a Weights session with Pari and others who come with us.

So me and Pari agreed to go to workout at Homebush on the 27th of July which is a Saturday.  Tatton, Osama and Imad might be going.  I’m going to see if Alison wants to go and if she has an interest in me still.

The Sauna at the Bodishop is $8 per visit and that is a bit high for me but I might go once or twice depending on my pocket and how I feel.

Call Sherry

I rang up Sherry today and we had the usual chat.  I found out off her brother that Madlyn has been asking about me and what kind of person I was like, In other words, she was seeing if she made the right move.  Sherry might ring me on Saturday or Sunday and might come over too.

I will be going fishing tomorrow also and have the rods ready to go.

Call Madlyn

I also rang up Madlyn to see what she was doing and she was at Aerobics and also, I rang up Alison and she was having a shower.  I am going to call her back as soon as I finish writing this.

Today I’m probably going to gobble up 3500 calories and that will prepare me for tomorrow.  I think I was in a hole but I am coming out of it with good food planning.  I was probably undernourished and that dis-enhanced my performance.

Waiting On Work Call

I should be getting a call from this first job I went for soon.  I might have to call them come Monday or even tomorrow.

Time for Alison now.

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