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Mad Chaos: Saturday, July 6, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Today I slept in pretty late because I didn’t have much to do except for go to the gym.  I got up at 1:30 pm and ate some food.

Drive To Dina’s House

Then Keith came over and we decided to go to Dina’s house to try and get my video.  The idiot wasn’t there so I’ll have to go there later and see if I can get it.  Imad still owes me $5 and I need it for the gym for Monday.

Dream About Footy Cards

I had a weird dream and I am going to tell it now.  Seeming I am always short on money I had a dream where I was at Johnnie’s house and he had packets of footy cards.  In some of them you would find $5 notes and he shouted me 5 packets.  I had $10 on me and I opened three of them and two of them were winners.  I had to go somewhere all of a sudden and I left the two unopened ones there because I felt bad if I opened them.  That was my dream.

Gym Routine

exerciseI went to the gym today and I had a sick workout for my biceps and also pretty good for my back.

Warmup: I thought it would be good to take it slow and take it easy so, I done 5 minutes and lost 35 calories.  I could have gone more but I felt it unreasonable.  I didn’t do any stretching for the back or the Biceps because I still don’t know how to properly stretch these areas.
Lattisimus: I felt today I will do only bulking movements and not any widening movements so, I started with Seated Cable Rows and started on 60 pounds and done 12 reps.  I then put the weight up to 100 pounds and done 10 more reps trying to bring my Chest out and my elbows as far back as I could.  I then dropped weight to 90 pounds and done 10 more hard reps.

I then went to T bar Rows and started with warmup weight of 40 pounds and I done 12 reps with it.  I then put it up to 90 pounds and tried doing 10 reps and just got 10 reps.  When I put down the weight my lower back muscles were flexed a lot and It was awkward.  I put the weight down to 80 pounds and done 10 more reps.

I then went to do one-arm dumbbell rows and started with a 35 pound Dumbbell and done 10 reps each hand.  I then put weight up to 45 pounds and done 10 more reps trying to bring the weight to the hip and closer to the body.  I then put the weight up to 50 pounds and done 10 more hard reps.

My last exercise was Machine Seated Cable rows.  I started on 100 pounds because I was warmed up and done 10 reps.  I then put the weight up to 120 pounds and done 10 more reps and tried to keep the Chest out but I failed when my back started to hurt.

My last set was a warmdown of 60 pounds and I done 15 perfect reps.

Biceps: I didn’t do any Trapezius work because It hurt from the Deltoid work last night and I didn’t do any lower back work because I felt T bar Rows worked it hard enough.

I started on Standing Cable Curls and started on 20 pounds and done 12 reps.  I then put the weight up to 50 pounds and done 10 hard reps.  My blood was pumping already but I put the weight up to 60 pounds and done 6 more reps before I failed.

I then walked over to Preacher Cable Curls and started on 30 pounds and done 10 reps just.  I felt it would be silly and very hard but I stayed on this weight and done it again for another 5 reps.

I was fucked after this but loving my Biceps workouts, I went to do Seated Dumbbell Curls and started with 25 pounders.  I done 10 respectable reps and I was very fucked but I picked up 30 pound Dumbbells.  I pursued my next set and as usual, done one hand at a time and was breathing in on the hand down motion and breathing out on the hand going up.  It worked splendidly and with this weight got up to 8 reps and I was conked out.

I dropped the weight, gripped it and then managed one more rep per hand.  I dropped the weight again and after 10 seconds picked up the weights again and hammered out 3 more reps each hand just finishing 12 reps.

I was fucked and had so much blood in my hands it wasn’t’ funny.

Warmdown: I finished within 45 minutes so that’s good within itself and I now weigh 70 kilos prior to the workout.  Before the end of the week I will be 70 Kilos indefinitely.  I rode the bike to rest and done 10 calories in 2 minutes.

Meal Plan

I now have to go and eat some Prawns, Broccoli and Spaghetti for my fuel for the day.  I am going to make some eggs and milkshake too.  That should do for Protein for tonight.

Planning Ahead

I’m probably going to go out tonight and have a shit time with the rest of them but I am going to get my video back tonight.

I might be getting my $5 tonight if Imad comes out with us.

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