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Mad Chaos: Saturday, June 1, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

In Memory Of Lake Curtis

This month is the month I say, for everything to come my way, for evil to be rid of, and bad spells to be cast off.  It is the month of arousal, appraisal, of being PHYSICAL.  It is the month of renewal, new direction, RESURRECTION.  For on June the 6th of this month it is time to write and live for Lake Curtis.  He has not lived to see this day but he is living it through our eyes at this moment and he would be proud of us.

Introducing Tarina

Enter thee, another victor – or should I say victim – to the realms of Tony’s mind.

Enter thee, another woman of stature suitable for the likes of Tony.

Enter thee, Tarina who is 16 and is my next challenge, for I am weak in the knees for her…  and I like her and all.

Computer Diary Adopts Grammar

Yep, it’s that time of month again.  Actually it’s June now.

I am writing in poetry these days and I would like to start with poetry for most of my entries to this Computer Diary.  I’m actually using paragraph’s too.

Short-Term Goals

This is what this month will bring for me…

This month I should get a job, a girlfriend (preferably Tarina), money rolling in, a more fitter body, more respect, a more tone appearance due to bodybuilding, a car, and a long distance letter to Kathryn.  Anything that I missed out on I can’t remember right now so, gimme a break.

  • Job
  • Girlfriend
  • Money
  • Tone Body
  • Respect
  • Car
  • Letter to Kathryn

Now before I write another page of poetry let us reprise the day so forth.

Keith Drives to Macarthur Square

I missed writing for last night because last night took too long.  Yesterday actually started off with me waking up at around 8:00 am and then going back to sleep.  The only reason I got up at that time was that the other day I went for a job interview around that time.

I woke up at 11:00 am, got something to eat, and started playing my piano.  Like usual, I had something planned for the day, do some stretches, some weights and go for a bike ride.  But as usual, Rod came over and we went to Macarthur Square.

Talk With Hannah

Speaking of Macarthur Square I saw Hannah down there today in David Jones.  I was spraying on Escape cologne and she popped up out of nowhere and actually came up to see me.  She was pretty nice but as soon as I told her that I was 17, she snobbed me because she is about 19 years old.  I asked her for her number but she said no and ran away quick.

Flirted With May Winters

pick-up girl

After that we went to Intensity and I saw May Winters working there.  I walked around with her trying to chat her up and it was working because she wanted to be chatted up.  I was talking to her for about 20 minutes and I get to see her again on Monday or Tuesday because Keith and I have to go back to get a CD cover from there.

Keith’s House With Imad

After that we went for a drive and we ended up going to Keith’s house to do some taping for me?  Imad came over and we spent a while there and then Keith dropped off me and Imad at Dina’s house who he was just seeing again for a day and now knows that their relationship is all over.

Bike Ride to Wedderburn

exerciseI went for a bike ride up on Wedderburn road and it was a sick ride.  It is a good 5 Km ride starting with a huge uphill that lasts for 1 Km and is very steep and gets the legs pumping.  Then it is a 4 Km slight uphill before you turn back and cruise at high speeds, especially down a bridge gorge going around 70 Km/h.

I came home from that and was fucked.  I came inside and started to play the piano and eat.

Spar With Imad

Imad came over about now and we started to spar with each other and he taught me some more throws and blocking and shit.  He’s a sick cunt.  We spent about an hour at my house.

Back Of Pizza Hut

Then Keith picked us up in his car that he got back from the smash repairs.  We went to the “Back of Pizza Hut™”.  That’s where Rory was with his new Honda Prelude 83 model auto.

The Honda Prelude looked good but lacked balls and had not much space in the back of it to fit us.  It has power windows and power sunroof and pop out lights and a Taco that revs out to 8,000.  It was a 4-speed automatic so it could cane if I was behind the wheel.

Pizza Hut Deliveries

In the back of Pizza Hut, Astor, William and others were doing deliveries.  I was in Astor’s car with him.  Imad was with William.

Wedderburn House Party Fail

We went out to Wedderburn for our first delivery.  We all looked for a party that was supposed to be going on.  It didn’t happen, so we ended up going down to the “Meat Mart™” and hanging out.

Meat Mart Hangout

There was a new contender at the Meat Mart named by Tarina.  I was trying to get onto her tonight.  Other contenders were Sherry, that tall chick that Rory got onto, Dina, Harley, Natasha, Celeste, and the usual guys going.

Keith and all the over 18’s were going out to a nightclub but they chickened out as usual and were also there.

Crack Onto Tarina On Drive

In Astor’s Car

pick-up girl

Back in Pizza Hut, we all ended up going in Astor’s car for a delivery to Wedderburn.  Tarina didn’t want to go to Wedderburn, and I was the only guy there, so she meant something.

I sat in the back with Celeste on one side, and Tarina right next to me in the middle.

On the way there we were dancing and I was tickling her and we were playing the corners game.  I wanted badly to try something on her but I didn’t.

In William’s Car

When everyone left it was only me, her and Celeste in William’s car.  I sat next to her in the front seat and I think she got the idea that I like her.  She’s not all that but I like her and she’s the “Go out” material and I’m in a “Go out” mood, so bring it on baby!

I can just sense tonight being a sick night.  It is the first of the month and this month is going to be strong so yeah!

Imad Cracks Onto Sherry at McDonalds

We went to McDonalds after that.  I was acting a fool.  Imad was trying to get onto Sherry with a bit of my help.

In William’s Car

He kind of succeeded later when William for the second time tonight went for a Pizza Hut delivery run in someone else’s car, leaving Imad, Sherry and me in his car.

I was talking to these old fat chicks in the car next to us.  I was being a sugar crazy mother fucker.

Promising Times

This is a lot of writing and it is only 2:35 a.m.

I’m going to love this month because everything either will come to me or nothing will come at all, but I will make it come to me.

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