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Mad Chaos: Thursday, May 23, 1996

Pros and Cons of a Bad Month

Like I said at the start of this month, it was going to be a boring month and so far it hasn’t been all that glamorous.

I haven’t received my payments yet and I’m broke.  I haven’t found a job yet, I don’t have a woman yet.  I sleep in almost every day, and I don’t go to the gym.  Oh the list goes on and on and the only thing I have going for me is that I still go out with my friends and now I go for bike rides and, I started doing exercises and stretches.


  • Broke
  • No job
  • No girlfriend
  • Sleep in late
  • No gym


  • Socials
  • Bike rides
  • Exercise

Lookout with Group

We were at the lookout last night just fooling around.  Ralf and Wilfrid got drunk while Bình, Janice, Shawn, and Keith were out with us.  It seems that Wilfrid has taken a shine to me.  He thinks I am a sick cunt.

Night Stretches

I did my stretches last night and I am just getting back into the focus of weight lifting because I think it is excellent for the body.

Cancel Recruitment Agency Appointment

I was supposed to go to the Recruitment Agency today and I was all ready to go but I thought to myself “They really aren’t going to help me,” so I went back to sleep.

Drive to Campbelltown with Keith

Keith came over around 10:00 am and got me up to go to Campbelltown with him.

Complimented For My Body

I got a compliment today from Keith.   He told me that he was talking with Janice and her friend and they were talking about me.  They were talking about my body because I have left a lasting impression on Keith’s mind that I’m built.   The girls thought if I got a haircut and showed off my body more then I would be hot.

Planning Ahead


I am going for a ride maybe to Sydney tomorrow via the highway and then I am going to have a workout for my abs and arms.

Typing Speed

I am going to get out the Typing Disk and learn to type fast just after this.

Career Planning

I’m still waiting for a call from a work place that I called up and I am thinking about getting either a course for computers at TAFE, or get a regular laboring job for a while to build up my dough.  I might go for a Clerical Traineeship because I will be getting way too much money when I am through the training.

I’ve inspired myself to go down to the C.E.S and look for a Traineeship now.

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