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Mad Chaos: Sunday, May 26, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

The last two nights were sick nights indeed.

Wollongong Beach Drive with Ralf

I didn’t end up watching Due South because Ralf came to pick me up just before it started.  We all ended up going down to Wollongong on a beach down there.

Ralf was tailing Ned’s car down the highway.  He was sticking on his ass for about 20 minutes,  which I thought was sick but everyone else was scared.

No one went to Laser Zone because it was closed, so we went to the beach and built a fire and let off some of Bình’s fire crackers.  We just sat around doing almost nothing.

Me, Ralf and Wilfrid went for a walk later and we talked and shit.  We went to the car later for an M.S.P down Wollongong’s main street and looked for hoochies.

On the drive home, Ralf had to stop halfway because he was getting tired, so Wilfrid and I got out and done pushups.  We done 45 for our first set then 35 reps, then 6 incline pushups.

We came home around 3:00 am in the morning last night.

Macarthur Square with Keith

The next day Keith came over and we went to Macarthur Square with Imad and Shawn and Keith.   Me and Imad went to pick up.  We ended up seeing Imad’s ex.  We saw Celina that fucken looks hot, so hot now.  We saw Janice, Harley and all their girlfriends down there.

Astor’s House Party

Tonight was Astor’s house party.

I had to have a shower and do some weights and splash on some perfumes.  I ended up going there at 9:00 pm.  It was pretty fucken good!

I knew I was going to get some pussy that night and I had to get it.

Dance Floor

At first when I got there it was pretty shit.  No one was dancing and we were all sitting down doing nothing.  Janice, Harley, Celeste (who is pretty hot), got up and started dancing, so I got up in there and watched them at first.   Later on we started off the party by starting to dance with the girls.   After that BOOM I was off and going, no stopping me.

I started dirty dancing with all the girls and I had my singlet and when I took it off they went crazy.

Chivalry with Celeste

I wanted to try to get onto Celeste but I knew that Astor wanted her and he would have not been happy if I tried something.

Dirty Dance with Janice

Janice was all over me and I was dirty dancing with her the most.   I was curving over and putting my hands on the ground and she came up and sat on me, and we started humping to the beat of the music and then, I lost balance and she fell off.   We were going off but I couldn’t do anything with her because Ned wanted her so I didn’t.

Rory Beds Sherry

I couldn’t get onto Harley because William wanted her so I didn’t.   Sherry came later and she was eyeing me and so I thought I’d try something with her but by the time I tried to go over there Rory took her into Astor’s Room and done the deed.   Fucken prick.

Natasha Kisses Me

pick-up girl

So that leaves me with Natasha to get onto and I did because I had to get onto someone that night.   We were going it pretty good (with our clothes on) on the couch.  I have to admit she does turn me on because she knows my turn on points.

We were at it for about 30 minutes and Keith and Imad kept walking in on us, the idiots.

Newspaper Run

We got home late and we stole the newspaper again.

Imad slept over here.  We stayed awake until 4:30 am in the morning.

Planning Ahead

I am now going to learn the song “Killing me softly with his Song”, and then I am going to go down to the back of Pizza Hut and see Keith.  Maybe today I will go for a bike ride to Weddeburn.

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