East vs West

March 30, 1996

I am here to write that I followed my diet for yesterday and I have not yet developed a new one for tomorrow due to playing the Piano for what seemed like 2 hours.

I will have to get up early tomorrow to devise my eating plan.

Write Piano Musical Score

I was practicing Tubular Bells and have constructed 2 more new Parts to be played and if it gets any bigger I’ll have to write them down.

At the start of Playing the Piano I wasn’t mentally into it and I was just doing the motions of Tubular Bells that I could already do but I started concentrating and I created 2 more pieces.  This goes to show that I can change the status of the mental thinking for the better, but only if I am interested in the Theory.

Gym Planning

Also this afternoon I have to do my Shoulders and my Triceps and Forearms and maybe some abdominal work.  Right now I’m fighting to stay awake so I can write this so that’s a good sign since it is only 1:24 am, so sleep is due soon.  I can’t really feel my legs hurting yet so when I wake up tomorrow I’d better be ready for it.

Heart Rate: 64 Beats

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