East vs West

March 20, 1996

Well I’m back again to say some things.

I just got a rush of Fiber Deficient Syndrome.  Runny Shit!  Must have been the bananas and corn I ate today.  Anyway, it’s all over I think.

I forgot to add to the list that I am getting a driving lesson every fortnight for $28 so I guess that’s been struck off the list for about one month or so.

In Campbelltown

Today I didn’t do much except for eat and play the computer.  I also went to Campbelltown to look for a job.

Sleep Plan

Heart Rate: 63 Beats

Well I finally got a pulse so I guess that’s good.  In the morning it would have been around 55-60 beats per minute.  I won’t be able to do the splits tonight but I can do heavy breathing exercises and I’ll have my shower and brush my teeth so I can mellow out and get to sleep earlier.

I’ll try to go to sleep about 2:00 am tonight and wake up around 11:00 am.  If I sleep any later than that and I’ll be out of time to get up for the Split Training System.  I might start that either this week coming or the second week in.  I think it will lean to the second week though.

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