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March 10, 1996

Heart Rate: 60 Beats

Bodybuilding Mistakes

Looking back at my previous years of Bodybuilding, I learnt one thing.  I either worked too hard, or I didn’t work hard enough, and most of the time I didn’t know what I was doing in the Gym.  I did do good things though, but I failed to focus on the point at hand.

The point I missed (I missed many but,) was that I didn’t focus on how I was moving a body part, and the over-training/under-training factor I was vaguely familiar with.  I didn’t give enough intensity and I didn’t focus on the muscle being worked and how it was affecting it.

Another mistake I found when I was training about a year and a half ago is that I used to go on the bike and do aerobics for about 30 minutes.  Now being as skinny as I was, I was making myself less muscly and also over-training myself very much on a 5-day split into two parts of the day some days.  I also did way too much cutting up exercises for all my body parts.  SHEEESh, what I used to do to get big.

Bodybuilding Goals

I’m going to try to work out differently now, for the better.  What I’m gonna do is add a few things to my training regimen.

  • I’m going to start taking my pulse regularly (as I have already noted) so I can tell if I should train on a given day or if I have over-trained the day before.
  • I also will be continuing my stretches so I can do the splits easier. And I will be bringing back something from the past too.
  • I will try to focus on training the muscle through a full range of motion and using basic exercises for mass.
  • I will be doing heavy-breathing exercises to make my chest and lung capacity bigger, and hopefully I will benefit in chest muscularity.
  • Tanning will also help me out with my self-esteem, Tanning is definitely in too.
  • I might even bring back the BIORYTHM CYCLES so I can keep chart of when I should feel good.
  • I think I’ll also use more dumbbell exercises for all of my body, and a lot of dumbbells going towards the Chest and Back. A lot of heavy basic exercises are called for here.

This coming month I will try to add 5 pounds onto my frame at which I now weigh about 69.5 Kilos.  It’s pretty good considering I gained about five kilos since August 1994.  I will try to gain 5 pounds before this August 18th When Kathryn’s birthday comes up.

Now to record what my routine is for this month and, what I am trying to gain and improve on.

Gym Routine

Day 1: Chest — 9-12 sets  Biceps — 6-9 sets  Abs — 3-6 sets
Day 3: Shoulders — 9-12 sets  Triceps — 6-9 sets  Forearms — 3-6 sets Abs — 3-6 sets
Day 5: Quads — 9-12 sets  Hams — 6-9 sets  Calves — 6-9 sets Abs — 3-   6 sets
Day 6: Lats — 9-12 sets  Traps — 3-6 sets  Erectors — 3-6 sets Abs —    3-6 sets
Day 8: Chest — 12-16 sets  Abs — 6-9 sets
Day 10: Shoulders — 12-16 sets  Forearm — 6-9 sets  Abs– 3-6 sets
Day 11: REST DAY
Day 12: Quads — 12-16 sets  Hams — 6-9 sets  Calves — 6-9 sets  Abs — 3-6 sets
Day 13: Lats — 12-16 sets  Traps — 3-6 sets  Erectors — 3-6 sets  Abs — 3-6 sets
Day 14: REST DAY

So there you have it, my training regimen for the month.

Typing Speed

Today just about an hour ago my typing speed peaked 48 words per minute with errors and 45 words per minute including errors.  I hope to get to 50 words per minute.  In one week’s time and get a job.

It’s 2:48 now.

I’m going to do my stretches, going to do my heavy breathing and I’m gonna think about getting an early night, (for me anyway).

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