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Cultural Differences: Erogenous Fashion Trends In China vs The West

In China, Guangzhou, as I settled into my interim workplace with a 30 RMB cappuccino in hand, I first focused outside the café windows towards the busy mall teeming with Chinese people inside.  It was from the polished wooden bench in Twosome café that I observed the fashion in China.

The more I watched people pass by in this Chinese mall, the more I noticed the trend of scantily-clad Chinese females in erogenous short shorts, mini shorts, denim shorts, short skirts, and oversized shirts combined with mini shorts that gives a half-naked appearance.

I saw one Chinese female whose racy mini shorts had a slit on either side to show more skin on her hips.

A few Chinese females also wore mini shorts where the material on the ass is cut taut and high.  People can see the bottom part of a woman’s ass cheeks become visible through these shorts as the material flicks up on each stride.

I realized women’s fashion in China hides absolutely nothing anymore.  So many Chinese females revel in their scantily clad appearance.

I even saw preteen kids in the same short shorts fashion.  I thought, “They start so early in China.  You would not see that fashion trend arise in Australia.”

Conservative Versus Racy Fashion In China

As I unpacked my laptop and waited for the battery to charge, I decided to tally how many fashion-conscious Chinese females in this mall wore skimpy outfits compared to Chinese females who dressed in more practical, conventional outfits.

As I partook in this guilty pleasure, I was not surprised to see 95% of Chinese females who passed by the coffee shop window fashionably showed off their body, skin, legs, ass, and breasts, while 5% of Chinese girls dressed conservatively.

I tallied fashion once more, this time with two fashion demographics, Chinese women who appeared to be in their youth, and older Chinese women in their thirties or above.

A majority of Chinese females who passed by were Chinese youth, whose choice of erogenous mini shorts and short skirt fashion favored exposure.

On the other hand, I only saw one conventional, ankle-length, see-through black dress worn by a young, voluptuous Chinese girl flanked by her boyfriend.  The fashion she wore – sheer material to make her bra and underwear visible – was risqué.

Her fashion choice was the exception to the 95% scantily-clad rule observed by the majority of Chinese women’s fashion.

This is China.

Fashion Trends In China Versus The West

While I sipped on my coffee, I was reminded once more how competitive Chinese society is.  In a country of over one billion citizens, with a burgeoning middle class, and megacities readily accessible by metro systems to people all over the countryside who travel to the cities to work and play, fashion has become one major overtly visible sphere of competition in China.

In Australia and The West, fashion is far more practical.  Fashion trends in Australia move more practically because the fashion influences come from magazines and personalities.

In China, fashion seen by the masses and readily copied is more viral.  A new fashion trend grows on Chinese streets more wildly than fungus in pine forests.

Also, foreigners from more fashion-conservative countries such as the Middle East usually do revel in the anonymity that China provides.  In China, foreigners can be outrageously experimental with fashion, because everyone in China thinks you look cool.

Once again, that is China!


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