Guanzhou Firefly Cosplay Expo Lonely Girl

Firefly Anime And Cosplay Expo (萤火虫动漫音乐嘉年华) 2018 in Pazhou (琶洲) – 1

In China, Guangzhou city (广州市), I awoke at 11 am ready for the Firefly Anime And Cosplay Expo (萤火虫动漫音乐嘉年华) 2018 in Pazhou (琶洲).

I showered, and then ate peanuts.

My Chinese friend in his cosplay outfit had already arrived to Guangzhou by 8 am.

When I asked why he arrived so early from his hometown in Guangdong, he said, “I got excited!”  He had been waiting for me to wake up for 3 hours, the poor guy.

Chive Buns In China

Half an hour later I exited my apartment to buy 5 chive buns (菜包) using WeChat Pay (微信支付).  I had no WIFI.  The shopkeeper lady tried to share her WIFI hotspot but it would not work.  I had to loan RMB7.50 of buns from the shop keeper lady.

“下次给我钱 ~ Pay me back next time,” she said.

I was in a rush, so I agreed.

Meeting My Chinese Cosplay Friend

I found my Chinese cosplay friend in Shayuan Rock Mall (沙园广场).

When I saw him, he exclaimed, “I was too excited.  I had four hours of sleep!”

Discussing Fashion And Females On The Metro To Pazhou

We caught the metro to Pazhou (琶洲站).

We became seated on the one long, metal bench in the carriage.  I ate my five chive buns.  My Chinese cosplay friend quietly read a Chinese manga comic book.

Guangzhou Metro Reading Manga Sailor Moon

In between a swarm of Chinese commuters, I spied one Chinese girl seated on the far side of the opposite bench, wearing a blue schoolgirl skirt and a white top, with massive boobs, and big, luscious legs for cosplay.

I pretended to take a picture of my cosplay friend’s book, but really, juxtaposed behind his book pages I snuck a photo of the Chinese girl and those luscious pins.

I turned to my cosplay friend and asked, “Do you like that Chinese girl?”

In a nasally voice, he replied, “No,” and looked back to his book.

We lingered on the question of which types of girls he likes.

On the packed Guangzhou metro carriage, my eyes quickly turned their attention left to a Chinese girl, standing up, wearing tight jeans that showed off her very sexy, button-ass.

Since I had influenced my cosplay friend’s recent infatuation with female legs, I pressed, “Which one do you prefer?  Do you prefer the girl on the left or the girl on the right?”

He said, “None of them.”

But, he has begun to like girls.  That level of openness is not the norm in Chinese culture, until I influenced him.

The Walk To The Firefly Anime And Cosplay Expo (萤火虫动漫音乐嘉年华) Entrance

Some 25 minutes later we alighting at Pazhou metro station.  My Chinese cosplay friend knew the way.

We walked quickly to the entrance to the Firefly Anime And Cosplay Expo (萤火虫动漫音乐嘉年华) 2018.

Guangzhou Cosplay Expo LineupConversely, my friend became somewhat sheltered.

I started calling out, “Woo!”  I enthusiastically encouraged him to do the same.

Then, on the footbridge across to the event halls, he too called, “Woo!”

Making fun of the situation I said, “We should stay here and sleep here for the whole day!”

The Firefly Anime And Cosplay Expo (萤火虫动漫音乐嘉年华) ticket-collection entrance had a huge line.

Guangzhou cosplay Expo starting line
I was excited!

Everyone is so open here.  It is just amazing.

The number of people who come to cosplay events is phenomenal.

A bevy of Chinese females again dressed in Sailor Moon skirts, stockings, all blessed with the sexiest legs.  It was endless hot chicks as far as the eye could see.

This time I observed so many young, 10-15-year-old Chinese girls wearing the shortest skirts.

Inside The Firefly Anime And Cosplay Expo (萤火虫动漫音乐嘉年华) 2018

Immediately after we passed the turnstile and security check machine into the Firefly Anime And Cosplay Expo (萤火虫动漫音乐嘉年华), I did a 360 pirouette at the security guard.

Lolita Girl

Then we started taking paparazzi-style photos of everyone dressed in couture and cosplay.

Guangzhou Cosplay Expo Girl Peering In PurpleI took a photo of a really tall Lolita girl.

Then I told my Chinese cosplay friend, “Let’s take two photos of me with every girl!”

Downstairs In The Firefly Anime And Cosplay Expo (萤火虫动漫音乐嘉年华)

The Firefly Anime and Cosplay Expo (萤火虫动漫音乐嘉年华) 2018 spanned across two levels of the exhibition center.

Cosplay Sailor Moon Two Girls We came downstairs, where I asked to take photos with 2 Chinese girls dressed in Lolita.

Everywhere we moved, I gasped, “Wow, look at that ass!”  I was saying all these lewd words about girls.  My Chinese cosplay friend meanwhile was just casually walking around.

Guangzhou Cosplay Expo Two Characters

Scooby Doo’s Velma Cosplay Character

My Chinese cosplay friend surprised me when he approached one Chinese girl dressed as the Scooby Doo female character, Velma.  He picked her out of the crowd and walked up to take a photo with her.

Velma Cosplay Character Scooby DooI then picked the same Chinese girl to take a photo together with.

I asked, “Can I take a photo with you?”

She said, “Okay,” and posed.

Two Chinese Sailor Moon Girls

Then we walked up to two Chinese girls in Sailor Moon skirts.

I asked, “Can I take a photo with you?”

They agreed.

But they were such shy Chinese girls.

I asked them, “What character are you?”

They had too much trepidation, as if startled, unable to show any body language towards us.

Upstairs in the Firefly Anime and Cosplay Expo (萤火虫动漫音乐嘉年华) 2018

Then we came upstairs in the Firefly Anime and Cosplay Expo (萤火虫动漫音乐嘉年华) 2018 in China, Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Cosplay Expo Half Naked Blonde

Tune in for the next instalment of this Firefly Anime and Cosplay Expo (萤火虫动漫音乐嘉年华) 2018.

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