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Cultural Differences: Identity Fashion In China

Chinese Fashion Revolution

In China, Guangzhou, while in the metro with a friend who shares my passion for cosplay, in the thicket of the crowd I spied a Chinese girl wearing extremely short shorts.

You could actually see her ass, the shape of her ass cheeks and the contour of her bone that ran up to her underwear.

If it was not for the extremely long, blue jacket that she was wearing, you would definitely be able to see her ass jutting out.

I pulled him to the left with me, and pointed him over to the fundamentally sexy fashion.  He chuckled to himself at the fact that this girl looked very sexy.

Fashion A Greater Marker Of Individual Identity

China is going through a period where fashion has become a greater marker of individual identity.

Common fashion themes in China are cosplay outfits, or mini skirts with long, black stockings.  It looks scrumptious and sexy.

Many Chinese girls also wear Korean-style outfits, with big, long, black trouser pants that show off their ankles.  I personally can’t understand that fashion.

Theme fashion also rates a mention, to dress stereotypically French (funky berets), American, Japanese (schoolgirls), Korean, or German (Heidi).

Korean-style and cosplay outfits make up 40% of what girls in China wear, while the silent majority of women wear normal fashion, cheap fashion, village girl fashion, or mature fashion.

Western fashion follows conventions, so it is not as bold and outrageous as the fashion in China, which is further emphasized by its very thin females.

Lucky To Be Born In China

People like this male, albeit oblivious to his fortuitous reality, are in a uniquely lucky position.

“When we are walking around, point out which girls you like,” I was trying to figure out what kind of girls he likes.

He said, “I don’t really like any of them.”

I exclaimed, “Come on man!  You are so lucky to be born in China.  Ninety nine percent of the girls here are really sexy.”

“If you come to Australia, it is only fifty percent that are sexy, and the rest are really ugly and fat.”

With some confidence, he replied, “No, I don’t think so.”

The Kid Likes American Women

I asked him, “Why?  If you don’t like Chinese girls, which girls do you like?  Japanese girls?”

He said, “Mm, maybe not them too.  I like girls with different color eyes, like my dog.”

I don’t know how he got to that point.

Eventually he concluded, “I like American girls.”

This Chinese friend of mine’s healthy love for American woman was a breath of fresh air.  Usually, when I ask this same question of other Chinese, the idea of having an interracial relationship seems repugnant to them.

His response was completely different to one of my students who hates all the traditional enemies of China, America, Korea, and Japan, as well as the male who had xenophobic views against black prostitutes.

He asked whether I could introduce him to a foreign girl in China.

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