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Cultural Differences: Western and Chinese Coffee Shop Culture

A Good Starbucks Day

No one good day can go by in China without having a Starbucks day with two coffees throughout the day.  That is a good day.

Anywhere where you live, you can find a Starbucks.  You can come down, sit down, do your work, have a coffee, have a break, go do something else in the day, then come back to Starbucks, have another coffee, finish your work, and at the end of the day you can go home.  That is an ordinary Starbucks day in China.

That is one of the things you can easily do in China that you cannot do in Australia.

There are hundreds of coffee shops in Australia, but the business model is set up differently, where the coffee shops in Australia are designed so you can stay there for an hour, have a chat with people, and then go home.

Here in China, the coffee shops are designed so customers can come in with their laptops and do their work.

Starbucks in China are more catered to lifestyle and overtime outside of the office, whereas Starbucks in Australia is more catered to the exploration of coffee as fine art, and the coffee shop as a venue to embrace all things fashionable.

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